NexTech and LivePerson to showcase AR integrated conversational commerce platform at AWE

May 29, 2019 – NexTech AR Solutions has today announced that CEO Evan Gappelberg and President Paul Duffy will team up with LivePerson to showcase its sentiment analysis capabilities for augmented reality eCommerce at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) USA conference, taking place from May 29-31 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

NexTech and LivePerson will demonstrate a new retail use case for AR sentiment analysis by integrating NexTech’s web-based AR into LivePerson’s conversational commerce platform. During the demonstration, several pairs of Tamara Mellon shoes (co-founder of Jimmy Choo) will be shown as AR objects.

“The benefits of having an augmented reality view and one-touch purchase transaction without having to leave the native messaging application makes the eCommerce interaction super simple and seamless for consumers and changes the retail landscape forever,” said Scott Starr, LivePerson AVP Retail. “Conversational Commerce leverages humans, artificial intelligence and now AR to deliver more personalized shopping experiences for consumers in the messaging channels they use each day.”

“We are very excited and fortunate to be partnering with LivePerson and Tamara Mellon, two leaders and visionaries in their respective fields,” commented Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech. “The ability to demonstrate how commerce can be transformed and disrupted using LivePerson’s conversational messaging and NexTech’s augmented reality features at AWE is a giant step forward for NexTech as well as the emerging AR industry as a whole.”

NexTech’s President, Paul Duffy, stated: “With the integration of NexTech’s AR with Chat and LivePerson’s conversational commerce platform and sentiment analysis – both with natural language and computer vision – we’re creating a new transformative technology for retailers to convert shoppers into buyers, reduce returns and build brand loyalty by measuring customer responses to products in real-time.” He added, “This is a one-of-a-kind technology, unique to both the retail and AR industries. By tapping into sentiment analysis, brands are no longer confined to a binary model of analytics, but rather can utilize a full spectrum of sentiment in order to deliver targeted AR experiences and drive traffic to their online stores.”

2019 marks the 10th annual AWE conference, which covers the latest in the AR/VR sector. With 7,000 attendees, 250 exhibitors, and 300 speakers across over 100,000 sq ft of expo space, “AWE is the CES of the future, the very near future,” according to USA Today. Some of the featured brands attending will be Amazon, Facebook, Google, Disney, GE, Walmart, Qualcomm, and Oculus.

Image credit: NexTech AR Solutions

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