Nextech AR Solutions joins Khronos Group as a contributing member

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January 26, 2022 – Nextech AR Solutions Corp., a provider of augmented reality (AR) experience technologies and services, has this week announced that it has joined The Khronos Group—an open consortium of pioneering companies creating advanced standards in 3D, augmented and virtual reality (VR), and for the metaverse—as a contributor member.

As an active member of Khronos Working Groups, Nextech will now collaborate with other tech companies to create and define industry standards. The exploratory group will work together to research the creation of standards and guidelines to produce and distribute real-time 3D representations of products so they can be experienced realistically and consistently across all platforms and devices, such as mobile, web and AR/VR solutions.

According to Nextech, with the emergence of 3D as a dominant medium for product manufacturers, retailers and advertising platforms, key players in the industry are now looking at how to scale production and achieve broad distribution for virtual products with optimized industry workflows to minimize costs. 

Nextech offers its own software solution to meet some of these industry needs with its ARitize 3D model factory, which allows for the creation of 3D models and AR visualizations for e-commerce, and also with its ARitize CAD solution, which enables manufacturers to convert CAD files into 3D AR models at scale.

Nextech’s CEO, Evan Gappelberg commented: “We are excited to join this incredible group of leading companies to help further the creation and adoption of 3D virtual products across a variety of platforms. As 3D visualization technologies become more prevalent, it’s crucial to be able to present these experiences consistently across multiple consumer endpoints like e-commerce websites, apps, in social feeds, and in ad units.” He continued, “We’re able to address a major pain point [in the industry] through our ARitize 3D solutions – transforming content from 2D and CAD into 3D in the most economically scalable method available on the market. We look forward to collaborating together with Khronos to solve the industry’s friction points within 3D visualization, and to develop new standards that can shape the future of the technology.”

Nextech stated that it believes by joining Khronos alongside other major players in the tech industry it will help to affirm the company as a key player in the metaverse and 3D modeling industry.

For more information on Nextech and its solutions for 3D modeling and augmented reality, please visit the company’s website. To find out more about the Khronos Group and its goals of defining and creating guidelines and standards for the XR industry, click here.

Image credit: Nextech AR Solutions Corp.

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