Nreal collaborates with China Unicom to demonstrate 5G-ready Mixed Reality in 400 retail stores across China

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October 21, 2019 – Nreal, developer of the Nreal Light ready-to-wear mixed reality (MR) glasses, has announced its partnership with China Unicom to demonstrate 5G-ready mixed reality experiences across its 400 China Unicom retail stores in China.

The partnership follows a jointly established 5G Innovation Center launched by Nreal and China Unicom in June, in a bid to commercialize 5G with consumer MR applications. Today the partnership extends to 400 retail stores with the aim of commercializing Nreal Light.

The Nreal Light glasses, which became available in May this year, offer a sunglasses-style design that features an immersive 1080p display.

“We’re excited to partner with China Unicom and take the next step in accelerating the commercialization of our product,” said Chi Xu, CEO, and Founder of Nreal. “By expanding our presence from the 5G innovation center to 400 retail stores, we’re thrilled to be paving the road to showcase the unlimited potential that 5G can offer consumers.”

Image credit: Nreal

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