Orangutech and Kognitiv Spark partner to deliver Mixed Reality solutions to Canadian Government

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October 28, 2022 – Orangutech, a provider of software solutions and consulting services for enterprises, has recently announced that it has partnered with Kognitiv Spark, a provider of industrial mixed reality (MR) solutions based out of New Brunswick, Canada. 

According to the companies, the partnership will offer departments within the Government of Canada enhanced technological capabilities through Kognitiv Spark’s flagship product, RemoteSpark.

RemoteSpark leverages holographic mixed reality content to train and support workers in the field so that they are thoroughly prepared to complete complex tasks in highly remote or hazardous environments.

“Our partnership with Orangutech is highly important to us,” said Duncan McSporran, Chief Operations Officer, and VP of Defence and Public Sector at Kognitiv Spark. “As a Canadian organization, having the team at Orangutech as a trusted and highly agile partner for delivery of our capability to customers in the Government of Canada, is a fundamental foundation stone of our business.”

“We are looking forward to working with the talented team at Kognitiv Spark to deliver new and transformative technology that propels the modern workplace forward while also improving key business process flows at the Government of Canada through the use of mixed reality technologies,” said Lachlan Henderson, GM of Orangutech.

Orangutech stated that the addition of Kognitiv Spark as a strategic partner will help to bolster Orangutech’s commitment toward serving the Government of Canada by continuing to diversify its service offerings with the intention of providing modernized solutions that accelerate issue resolution, increase collaboration, and improve efficiency. 

For more information on Kognitiv Spark and some of its other mixed reality collaborations with organizations across Canada, as well as throughout the rest of the world, click here. To learn more about its RemoteSpark mixed reality training and support platform, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Orangutech / Kognitiv Spark

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