PAR, Inc. invests in Tampa-based medical Virtual Reality start up, Immertec

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September 24, 2019 – PAR, Inc. has recently announced that it has invested in local start-up Immertec, a company that applies virtual reality technology to medical and surgical training.

Immertec’s flagship product, Medoptic, allows remote viewers to access and interact with operating room procedures. A combined hardware and software setup—which includes VR headsets and cameras—enables medical communications to take place in real time across any distance. According to the company, virtual medical device training, collaborations on surgical procedures, question-and-answer sessions, and consults with other physicians are all possible with the technology. A pilot program with Johnson & Johnson, launched earlier in 2019, put Medoptic directly in the hands of 3,000 doctors.

A long-term goal is enabling physicians in remote locations to be guided through new procedures, expanding access to improved health care in under-served areas.

“We are very pleased to partner with Immertec. Their team is dedicated to improving the lives of others, and they have worked hard in a short amount of time to bring their vision to life,” said Kristin Greco, CEO of PAR. “Their product makes it much easier for medical professionals to learn, conduct trainings, and collaborate with one another—ultimately speeding [up] service and benefiting the patient.”

Immertec was founded in 2017 by Erik Maltais and Jon Clagg, who saw an opportunity to use VR technology outside the gaming world. Maltais now serves as CEO, and Clagg serves as CTO.

“By revolutionizing the way physicians train and connect, Immertec is promoting a world where all people have access to the highest standard of care regardless of their physical location, economic status, or nationality,” said Maltais. “The company is made up of change-makers, developers, and innovators passionate about expanding the possibilities of healthcare.”

PAR states that its leadership was drawn to Immertec as an investment due to the start up’s passion for helping others, combined with its commitment to putting down roots in Tampa, Florida—despite offers to move to Silicon Valley, both of which are values that PAR states the two companies share.

“Immertec is pushing the limits of what’s possible in virtual health,” added Maltais. Greco agreed: “We are just starting to see how this technology can help others and change lives. Venturing in this way aligns well with how we operate at PAR, and we are happy to be on the forefront of this mission.”

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