Perception Holo-SDK signs agreement to bring Holographic Augmented Reality to museums in the UK and Thailand

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July 9, 2021 – Perception Holo-SDK, a deep-tech company supported by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with Imperial War Museums and the Science Museum Group to explore new opportunities for Holographic augmented reality (AR) across the museum, arts and culture sector. The agreements outline plans to create holographic exhibitions which bring museum artefacts to more than 20,000 students in the UK and Thailand.

According to Perception, the agreements are set to foster a strong relationship between the tech and culture spheres, with the partnerships combining Perception’s desktop AR facilities with artefacts from both museums. The company’s Desktop AR platform is an augmented reality system that allows any 2D monitor to “emit holographic images”. This is done through tracking user head positions and rendering 3D images accordingly.

Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp, CEO and Founder of Perception, said: “These agreements not only display the rate at which Perception is expanding, but also mark an exciting opportunity to work with the culture sector to explore the power of Holographic Desktop Augmented Reality software in sharing collections in inspiring new ways. For the first time ever, this technology can bring Museum objects to audiences in holographic 3D anywhere in the world – opening up new possibilities to how knowledge can be shared digitally, globally.”

Both Imperial War Museums and the Science Museum Group are preparing to give Perception access to parts of their collections, with the aim of sharing an impactful selection of British history. Perception stated that this will help to provide both museums with the opportunity to reach a larger global audience.

Gill Webber, Executive Director Content & Programmes at Imperial War Museums, commented: “There is a real desire within the museums sector to reach new audiences and explore innovative ways of sharing their collections. This technology is an exciting way to explore this and we are thrilled to be working with the Perception team on the project.”

Jonathan Newby, Acting Director, from the Science Museum Group, said: “Digital exploration is part of our DNA so we’re really excited to be part of this project exploring the emerging holographic AR field which will really help grow our understanding of both the creative potential and how audiences respond. We look forward to developing this relationship and seeing how our audiences can benefit from this exciting new technology.” 

Founded in Thailand in 2019, Perception Holo-SDK is expanding into the UK with its immersive technology with an aim of producing creative desktop experiences for individuals. For more information on the company, click here.

Image credit: Perception Holo-SDK

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