Pimax states orders of its 8K X Virtual Reality headset will successfully ship by end of September

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September 28, 2020 – Pimax has recently announced that shipments of its 8K X virtual reality (VR) headset will successfully ship by September 30th.

In a blog post, the company stated that its daily 8K X headset shipments have continued to hit 80-100 headsets per day, with logistics operations at the company being “much more efficient and running smoothly.” As of September 25, only 352 headset shipments remained (this includes backers, upgrades and pre-orders), according to the company.

This means that there are now thousands of new 8K X users enjoying the company’s new flagship VR headset. For those users that have already received their 8K X devices, Pimax is planning to invite them to provide reviews on its Forums, so as to continually improve and learn from what users feel the company has got right and wrong with the device.

The Pimax 8K X VR headset comes with dual native 4K displays and offers a 200° diagonal field of view (FoV). The device also features a “Dual Engine Mode” that allows users to switch the input resolution between 2560x1440x2 pixels, and a native 3840x2160x2 mode in order to experience either dual upscaled 4K resolution, or dual native 4K resolution respectively.

The company first announced in June 2020 that it would ship its first 215 units by July 6, with all orders for 8K X devices for backers of the project being fulfilled in July. Pre-orders were then scheduled to ship after that. As mentioned above though, orders being shipped now are still including those placed by backers.

The company has faced some issues and delays with the shipments of its 8K X headsets, which have a price tag of USD $1,299. Understandably, this has upset some customers who have been on the receiving end of delays, but Pimax stated: “We absolutely understand the reasons that have created some negative voices out there, but we do hope to maintain a friendly community where users can enjoy VR, sharing their tips, experiences, and advice.”

The company added that its support team members are actively leaving messages to help resolve shipping issues in order to avoid any problems that may delay orders. Customers who have placed an order but who are still yet to receive a tracking number are advised to check their inboxes. For more information on Pimax, please visit the company’s website.

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