Plott to launch ‘Cubit’ integrated hardware solution for its Augmented Reality DIY platform

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May 30, 2019 – Plott, creator of solutions for DIY projects, is preparing to launch its first integrated hardware solution, Cubit, in select retailers. The digital measuring device is part of the LetsPlott Platform, an Extended Reality (XR) platform developed by a team of creatives, designers, and engineers. The LetsPlott DIY platform allows users to visualize, design and measure a space in augmented reality, and then bring their vision to life with actionable, turn-by-turn directions via the Cubit hardware and LetsPlott mobile app.

Plott states that this will help liberate users of the complicated process behind home projects, such as calculating exact dimensions, and provides a blueprint to the desired outcome they had originally envisioned.

“Our platform is the first and only Extended Reality/DIY tool that enables people to design in AR, then bring their imagination to life by taking them to the precise spots to make a change,” said Plott’s CEO and founder, David Xing. “We are excited to announce the upcoming retail availability of our products for everyone to start easily bringing their creativity to life.”

Designed for use by both first-timers and seasoned DIYers, the LetsPlott Platform, which includes AR features, allows users to see exactly what a project will look like with actual scale and context, as well as make annotations and add real world elements using images and links. The final step is to transfer the curated design layout from its digital concept to a finished piece with the help of Plott’s hardware solutions and dimensional guidance.

Plott also features an ability for users to collaborate with brands and retailers that can make home design easier. With the LetsPlott Platform’s interface and design upload feature, retailers can include their products and dimensions in the LetsPlott app, eliminating extra measurement steps for users to be able to spend more time transforming ideas into reality.

The LetsPlott app and Platform is available now on iOS and Android. The Cubit measuring device has a suggested retail price of USD $109.99 and is coming to retailers, such as TrueValue.

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