Projected VR company Broomx joins WiSA to bring wireless multi-dimensional sound to large scale Virtual Reality

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May 15, 2020 – WiSA LLC, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, composed of over 60 consumer electronics brands and founded by Summit Wireless Technologies, has announced Broomx Technologies as its newest member. Broomx, the Projected VR Company and makers of the MK360 and BroomxVR catalogue, creates tools that allow for the enjoyment of virtual reality (VR) projected in real spaces. Broomx works with clients including Nestle, Universal Music Group, BMW Group, Lego, Adidas, Toyota and others, according to the company.

“The opportunities created when these video and audio technologies are combined are extremely exciting,” said Tony Ostrom, President of WiSA. “What Broomx has been able to achieve in the VR space is amazing and we are very much looking forward to contributing to the overall immersive sensory experience by helping to apply audio to perfectly complement what they are doing visually.”

The Broomx MK360 projects an image that covers 120 degrees vertically and 180 horizontally, engulfing the user’s field of view with full HD resolution. The technology is suited for a range of VR use cases, according to the company, including creating unique and different environments in places of entertainment and business as well as for home entertainment and gaming spaces.

“At Broomx, the development of spatial audio has been key to the evolution of the MK360 projected VR technology allowing us to create even more immersive and memorable experiences. We are incredibly proud to be welcomed into the WiSA fold and join the ranks of the world leaders in high resolution audio,” said Diego Serrano, CEO of Broomx.

Broomx and WiSA state that they are both focused on creating amazing entertainment experiences for people all over the world. The Broomx VR technology coupled with WiSA wireless audio offers a combination that creates virtual environments with realistic audio and visuals. The Broomx MK360 is available now through the Broomx website.

Video credit: Broomx / YouTube

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