PROJETO Virtual Reality real estate listing platform to become available for licensing in January 2021

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November 24, 2020 – Washington DC-based real estate brokerage firm Urban District Realty, LLC has today announced that it will begin licensing the use of PROJETO, the company’s virtual reality (VR) real estate listing system, to real estate firms throughout the US starting in January of 2021. Previously available only to Urban District Realty’s own clients, the move will bring its VR technology to a broader audience. The company also hopes that it will bring its platform one step closer to becoming a standard for property showings in the future.

According to the company, the announcement comes on the heels of several national developers expressing interest in the product: “We always had plans to grow PROJETO, though we didn’t necessarily anticipate it happening this quickly,” said Ryan Fiero, Principal Broker and CEO of Urban District Realty. According to Fiero, the organic demand for the product led to the decision to make PROJETO available on a wider scale.

Joel Garcia, Urban District Realty’s in-house Virtual Reality Director, along with his team of developers, have managed the day-to-day development of the system. “We’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a unique tool that will help people across the country purchase their dream home with ease and comfort,” said Garcia. “We’re excited to share our technology with other real estate firms and make the real estate process seamless for as many people as possible.” 

Interested parties will soon be able to license PROJETO Presentation Rooms of their own, granting them the ability to show models listed in the growing PROJETO ecosystem. Urban District Realty added that it expects the number of viewable models to spike in 2021 as the company plans to release its proprietary real estate scanning system, which will allow clients to list existing properties in PROJETO at an accessible price point. The scanning service will complement Urban District Realty’s current workflow, which focuses on custom model creation for properties that are still under development and/or construction.

Launched in September of this year, PROJETO was initially developed to allow clients to do a realistic walk-through of properties that were still under construction and would otherwise be unavailable for touring. This second phase provides the scanning service for existing properties, allowing clients to visit spaces they might otherwise be unable to due to location, time constraints, or safety concerns.

For more information on PROJETO and how the platform uses VR to complement classic real estate showings, please visit Urban District Realty’s website.

Image credit: Urban District Realty, LLC

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