PTC acquires AR services agency TWNKLS, announces partnership and investments in Matterport, and enhances its Vuforia platform

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June 13, 2019 – From the LiveWorx 2019 digital transformation event in Boston this week, PTC has announced new initiatives to fuel its AR business and strengthen its Vuforia augmented reality platform. These initiatives include a strategic collaboration with Matterport to further the PTC enterprise reach into factories and other spaces, the acquisition of AR services agency, TWNKLS, enhanced 3D AR model targets, and the leveraging of Azure Spatial Anchor Services,

PTC has invested in and partnered with Matterport, a company that offers immersive 3D technology and spatial capture solutions. By partnering with Matterport, PTC is offering an AR solution with a focus on factories, plants, and other spaces. PTC’s Vuforia platform will provide customers with the ability to unify their factory data and allow them to visualize and interact with a digital twin (a high-fidelity, up-to-date digital equivalent or proxy of an object, space, or process). The collaborative solution provides customers with a way to scan their facility and convert it into a usable 3D mesh using a Matterport compatible camera.

PTC’s has also acquired Netherlands-based TWNKLS, a specialized AR company that develops tailor-made AR applications and experiences and provides AR services to solve challenges faced by enterprise companies. PTC stated that its acquisition of TWNKLS will help accelerate its AR strategy, as well as enable customers to realize faster time-to-value. With expertise in Vuforia and experience implementing enterprise AR solutions, TWNKLS will help strengthen and expand PTC’s industrial AR offerings to more effectively meet the needs of its customer base.

Finally, PTC has announced enhancements to its Vuforia solution with the introduction of Vuforia Engine 8.3. PTC is enhancing 3D AR model targets with artificial intelligence, as well as providing intuitive AR user interactions. Vuforia Engine 8.3 harnesses the power of deep learning to provide advanced target recognition capabilities based on a customer’s 3D CAD model. AI-powered, model-based recognition enables a product or machine to be recognized from difficult angles, even in poor lighting environments, according to the company.

PTC’s industrial customers can now use its Vuforia Expert Capture solution to create step-by-step instructions whilst working, leveraging Microsoft HoloLens’ location-aware capabilities enabled by Azure Spatial Anchor Services. Front-line workers can be guided through procedures by digital content presented at relevant locations in the physical environment, which helps with improving the accuracy and speed at which they can complete new or unfamiliar tasks, as well as reduce training costs and time to productivity.

“AR redefines how the enterprise works. Across all industrial use cases including manufacturing, engineering, service and training, AR is improving productivity, reducing waste, and increasing worker safety and compliance. AR empowers organizations to digitally transform their products, processes, and people,” said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC. “Our strategic alliances, acquisitions, and groundbreaking technology highlight PTC’s commitment to helping industrial companies succeed with their digital transformation initiatives.”

According to PTC, at LiveWorx this week the theme of “The Augmented Workforce” has been center stage. Keynotes and sessions have featured customers, partners, developers, and industry analysts discussing real-world use cases and benefits derived from their adoption of the Vuforia platform and its solutions. LiveWorx attendees can explore how a new set of technological capabilities can integrate with human skills and expertise to complement, rather than replace, people’s unique qualities and strengths.

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