RealWear’s HMT-1 head mounted devices chosen by Nemco to assist its frontline workers in the food manufacturing industry

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8 June, 2021 – RealWear, Inc., a provider of assisted reality head mounted displays, has announced that Nemco, a provider of solutions for the food industry in the Nordics, has selected the RealWear HMT-1 assisted reality device for its frontline workers collaboration with remote experts as a new way forward.

According to RealWear, due to travel restrictions during the pandemic, Nemco was unable to put specialists on the road to help food manufacturers maintain their specialised equipment for the food industry. As a result, Nemco explored how to support its frontline operators and settled on RealWear’s devices for remote collaboration.

Nemco provides its food industry customers with servicing and maintenance packages that cover the heavy machinery it sells. It has a team of approximately 14 technicians who travel regularly, ensuring that machines are running smoothly while maintaining service level agreements.

“RealWear’s device has created a new way of working for us that will extend beyond the pandemic, even when travel restrictions are loosened,” commented Claus Skræm, Service Manager at Nemco. “Our teams and customers have experienced benefits in the short space of time we have been using wearables. We currently have 12 devices in operation, with plans for more to be deployed. Thinking ahead to the future, we are looking at designing an AfterSales concept, which will involve rolling out RealWear’s devices directly to more customers as part of a maintenance package.”

The RealWear devices were set up to run the proprietary software platform ‘Remote Eye’, an Android app that enables service teams anywhere to provide real-time, visual assistance. With Remote Eye, Nemco’s experts are now able to virtually see what the wearer of the device sees, and provide guidance using on-screen annotations, helping to reduce resolution time and improve machine productivity.

Nemco initially began its rollout internally by supplying some of its new technicians with devices. Typically, new technicians require a specialist to accompany them to a site. However, thanks to the deployment of RealWear devices, new technicians were able to have instant access to a specialist working remotely, mitigating travel and providing an effective workaround in light of the travel restrictions. Nemco’s second phase of deployment saw RealWear devices rolled out to a small number of its customers, enabling technicians to provide remote support directly to the customer. 

“Nemco’s use of wearables has enabled its teams to benefit from remote support out in the field, which has had a positive impact on its bottom line and that of its customers. Whilst this new approach to working was born out of necessity due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Nemco has realised the benefits offered by having a fully connected workforce, paving the way for the food industry to embrace a new approach to working,” said Jon Arnold, VP of Sales, EMEA, RealWear Inc. 

According to RealWear, by deploying its devices, Nemco has been able to improve the overall customer experience, greatly reduce travel requirements (which in turn has saved time and cut down on emissions), and drastically reduce its customers’ invoicing as a result. For more information on RealWear and its head mounted display solutions for industry, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: RealWear, Inc.

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