Rezzil announces partnership with Harena Data to provide its Virtual Reality sports training and analytics platform to soccer players

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July 14, 2020 – Rezzil, a provider of virtual reality (VR) training and cognitive development solutions, has today announced a strategic partnership with analytics company Harena Data, Inc., which offers technology to help youth soccer players improve their skills and prepare for games. Starting now, Harena Data clients, such as Youth Soccer Associations, are able to take advantage of Rezzil’s VR training platform.

Founded in 2017 in Manchester England, Rezzil’s VR training platform offers ideas and solutions for players, coaches, teams, analytics departments, Physio and PT programs, as well as Fan engagement.

The company’s VR Training and Cognitive Development Program runs a series of compact, measurable drills where players interact with a virtual ball using natural movement patterns. With thousands of ‘natural movement’ data points, the VR training helps create an analytical assessment of a player’s wellness, cognitive capabilities, and skill level. Multiple environments can be used to simulate extreme game pressure simulation scenarios.

“Similar to our GYO analytics platform, Rezzil is a generational training tool that provides a safe, controlled environment for players to get in-depth research to improve their skills,” said Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Officer of Harena Data. “Our clients, in particular youth soccer players across the country, can train year round and track their results to become the best they’ve ever been.”

Christian Barsanti, Director of Operations at Rezzil, commented: “The partnership with Harena Data offers Rezzil a great opportunity to expand our footprint and lines up with our strategic vision”. He added, “What attracted us was how much in alignment our thought processes were with Harena. including data transparency and creating pathways that help individuals and teams.”

For more information on Rezzil and its VR training platform, visit the company’s website.

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