Sense of Space launches ‘Sense XR’ platform for WebAR Hologram publishing

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June 2, 2021 – Sense of Space, a Helsinki-based company focused on the development of software for post-production and streaming of volumetric video-based holograms, has announced the launch of its ‘Sense XR’ platform, which allows creators with all levels of technical knowledge to edit hologram experiences and publish them to WebAR.

The new release also brings to the market a WebAR player with native adaptive streaming for volumetric videos, which Sense of Space states guarantees that experiences run smoothly across different types of network connections, allowing end-users to see holograms with the best visual quality for their context.

Sense XR is a WebAR hologram experience editing and publishing tool that helps designers, advertisers, artists, and content creators to develop immersive experiences that blend the real and the virtual world without the need to hire expensive and hard-to-find technical teams.

“The most fascinating aspect about holograms is that it’s the next step for merging the real and the virtual worlds. With this technology, you can get things from the real world, like humans and animals, and put them in the virtual world exactly as they are, while also getting digital elements from the virtual world into the real one,” said Tuomo Paavilainen, Chief Technology Officer at Sense of Space.

“It’s a completely new way of bringing someone into the virtual world. It’s different from avatars, as avatars are not really us, but holograms are. When we use holograms, we don’t simulate people, we are people,” added Victor Pardinho, Sense of Space founder and CEO.

Sense XR includes features such as easy editing of holograms, audio, and sequential 3D assets; WebAR publishing with a single click; compression capabilities to make experiences smooth in most devices without compromising visual quality; and a WebAR player with native adaptive streaming for volumetric videos. The user interface helps to make the editing of holograms as straightforward as editing a 2D video, and the content created in Sense XR can be distributed to third-party tools, including real-time game engines like Unity, Unreal, and more.

Sense of Space is aiming to tackle the challenges behind both hologram post-production and streaming. Volumetric video-based experiences are limited to the capabilities of existing wireless networks, and as most hologram experiences are notoriously data heavy, they are better consumed with 5G. As a result, Sense of Space has developed a compression and optimization system that has been paired with its adaptive streaming feature in order to allow creators to share their content with those using WiFi and 4G as well, enabling widespread accessibility to hologram experiences.

Sense XR users also have access to a web editor that allows them to create a full WebAR experience with their published holograms. Users can add images, logos, 3D models, and other elements needed in a more complex experience, besides being able to create interactions between the assets, extending the possibilities of what can be created with Sense XR.

“Sense of Space’s mission is to build tools for 3D content creation that are accessible both in terms of workflow and pricing, enabling creators from all walks of life to adopt holograms in their digital experiences. We are very close to living in a world where recording ourselves and others volumetrically will be as easy as making a video with our smartphone, and we want to support the endless creative possibilities that come with it. We want everyone to be able to create immersive and interactive experiences with their own realities,” said Sense of Space founder, Raquel Cardoso.

For more information on Sense of Space and its Sense XR platform for WebAR hologram experiences, visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Sense of Space

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