SimforHealth announces launch of new VR simulation for healthcare professionals

February 24, 2019 – At MWC Barcelona today, SimforHealth announced a new digital simulator available on the HTC Vive Focus Plus standalone headset. SimforHealth will be showcasing their virtual reality simulator to illustrate technological excellence in the health sector. The simulator was developed to train registered nurses on the Vive Focus Plus, with an aim of enhancing the training experience for healthcare professionals.

The educational objective of the simulator’s functionality is to highlight the importance of simulation for procedures and specific health care situations by providing a complete reconstitution of a medical environment in 3D, with a life-like virtual patient.

Through the use of the VR simulator, a user is able to take on the role of a registered nurse who has come to a patient’s home to change a PICC line dressing. The simulation covers every step of the procedure by way of active and immersive teaching, without the risk of consequences due to a mistake. Healthcare professionals are then expected to be able to memorize the procedure and apply to a real life setting through behavioral mimicry. The simulation is available on SimforHealth’s MedicActiV training platform.

“With HTC’s Vive Focus providing a high-end processor and 3K AMOLED display, we are able to create realistic and immersive 3D environments for our medical or nursing simulators, providing better training outcomes for HCPs, without wires or connected computers,“ said Olivier Gardinetti, CTO at SimforHealth.

This digital simulator, developed with Orion santé, a training organization leading the registered nurses’ trainings in France, is now available on SimforHealth’s MedicActiV platform internationally.

Sophia Soulé, Chief of Staff at SimforHealth, said: “There is a real support from healthcare professionals for this new standalone headset. Lighter and without any computer settings, this technology is no longer an obstacle as some healthcare professionals thought. Many healthcare establishments, in France and abroad, have asked us to use these digital simulators in virtual reality. Our MedicActiV platform with its store of digital simulators makes the distribution of these simulators easier.”

The MedicActiV platform offers a large library of simulators online, which are available in VR or on computer and tablet. SimforHealth stated that its platform is already being used by more than 50,000 healthcare professionals worldwide.

Video credit: SimforHealth/YouTube

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