Smart contact lens company Mojo Vision announces partnerships with several fitness brands, along with $45M in additional funding

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January 5, 2021 – Mojo Vision, developers of the ‘Mojo Lens’ augmented reality (AR) smart contact lens, have recently announced strategic partnerships with leading sports and fitness brands to collaborate on next-generation user experiences that combine AR, wearable technology and personal performance data. The companies will work together using Mojo’s smart contact lens technology to find unique ways to improve access to data and enhance athletes’ performance during sporting activities.

The company’s Mojo Lens smart contact lens works by overlaying images, symbols and text on a users’ natural field of vision without obstructing their view, restricting mobility or hindering social interactions. The company refers to this experience as “Invisible Computing”.

Mojo Vision states that it has identified an opportunity in the wearables market to deliver performance data and real-time stats to data-conscious athletes like runners, cyclists, gym users, golfers and more through Mojo Lens’ intuitive hands-free, eye-controlled user interface.

The company is engaging in several strategic partnerships with fitness brands to address the performance data needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts and its initial partnerships are with: Adidas Running (running/training), Trailforks (cycling, hiking/outdoors), Wearable X (yoga), Slopes (snow sports) and 18Birdies (golf). Through these strategic partnerships and the market expertise the companies provide, Mojo Vision will explore additional smart contact lens interfaces and experiences to understand and improve the delivery of data for athletes of varying skill levels and abilities.

Mojo Vision’s Mojo Lens smart contact lens.

“We are making important progress in developing our smart contact lens technology, and we continue to research and identify new market potential for this groundbreaking platform. Our partnerships with these leading brands will give us valuable insights into user behavior in the sports and fitness market. The goal is for these collaborations to deliver athletes an entirely new form factor with performance data that is more accessible and useful in the moment,” said Steve Sinclair, SVP of Product and Marketing of Mojo Vision.

“Today’s wearable devices can be helpful to athletes, but they can also distract them from the focus of the activity; we think there’s a better way to deliver athletic performance data,” said David Hobbs, Senior Director of Product Management of Mojo Vision.

“Wearable innovation in existing form factors is starting to reach its limits. At Mojo, we’re interested in better understanding what’s still missing and how we can make that information accessible without disrupting someone’s focus and flow during training — when it matters most.”

In addition to the sports and wearable tech market, Mojo Vision is also planning an early application of its product to help people struggling with vision impairment by using enhanced image overlays. The company is actively working with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through its Breakthrough Devices Program, a voluntary program designed to provide safe and timely access to medical devices that can help treat irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions.

Finally, Mojo Vision has also announced that it has raised an additional USD $45 million in its Series B-1 investment round in support of its smart contact lens technology. The additional funding includes investments from Amazon Alexa Fund, PTC, Edge Investments, HiJoJo Partners, and others. Existing investors NEA, Liberty Global Ventures, Advantech Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, Dolby Family Ventures, Motorola Solutions and Open Field Capital have also participated. These new investments bring Mojo Vision’s total funding to date to USD $205 million.

For more information on Mojo Vision and its augmented reality contact lens solution, please visit the company’s website.

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