Spotify app now live on Magic Leap World

November 13, 2019 – Magic Leap has today announced that Spotify is now live on Magic Leap World. Harnessing the power of spatial computing, the Spotify app brings artists and bands to mixed reality, and allows Spotify Premium users to access and control their favorite music while using Spotify on a mobile, desktop, or tablet device to control the audio on a Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

The app is spatially aware, meaning users can pin recently played artists, albums or tracks to specific locations in their homes. As content builds over time, users can collect and curate a different playlist or soundscape for each room in their space. For example, classical music in the dining room, heavy rock in the garage, and reggae out by the pool.

Magic Leap states that Spotify is the first experience in Magic Leap World to work with the company’s Background Music Service (BMS), which means users can continue listening to a song or album on Spotify even when they move in and out of other apps on the Magic Leap One. Furthermore, since users can control music using Spotify on another device, as well as the Spotify immersive app on the Magic Leap One, there is no need for users to take off the headset.

Developers can use Magic Leap’s BMS to build applications that play audio in the background, even when users switch to other apps. The app also works with Overture in Landscape, allowing for quick and easy control of music when working in a different app.

In a press release, Magic Leap stated: “We see a time in the not too distant future when spatial computing will extend into the wider world of podcasts, audiobooks and storytelling. Just this year, eager festival-goers at Siggraph Computer Animation Festival were invited to put on a Magic Leap One headset and discover the story of Frankenstein through the eyes of a young Mary Shelley. And in 2018, we announced a new partnership with the RSC, working together to build unforgettable theatrical experiences using spatial computing, including a ‘tabletop theatre’ performance of the Seven Ages of Man speech from As You Like It.”

The launch of Spotify marks an evolution in the way users can see, hear and experience bands and artists, according to Magic Leap, which added “It’s an exciting time for music. For musicians. For developers. And for music-lovers the world over.”

Image credit: Magic Leap

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