Taqtile and 3D Media partner to optimize Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for enterprise

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May 27, 2020 — Taqtile, a provider of the enterprise software platform, Manifest, for frontline worker enablement, has today announced a strategic partnership with 3D Media, a technology development firm specializing in virtual and augmented reality solutions for the enterprise. 3D Media will now be able to provide its customers Taqtile’s Manifest AR solution.

“Our partnership with 3D Media plays an integral role in Taqtile’s efforts to ensure enterprises have the technology they need to make all frontline workers experts,” said Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile. “Today’s workforce benefits from the advanced training and job skill technology available to them including AR/VR solutions, and those from 3D Media, capable of bringing any age group up to speed quickly and efficiently. This, combined with the ease of use tools such as Manifest, enable all frontline workers an easy-to-use, effective way to train for new jobs, tasks, and protocols.”

According to Taqtile, the two companies partnered because of their expertise in developing virtual and augmented solutions for industrial and government enterprises, specializing in the oil and gas, power generation and petro-chemical industries. In such industries where risk and retention are common daily workplace issues, the ability to quickly onboard and keep current employees up to speed on all necessary protocols and guidelines is vital.

3D Media’s team develops exact replicas of working facilities that seamlessly integrate into Taqtile’s Manifest platform. Manifest is an end-to-end solution delivering digital transformation and productivity to frontline workers through embracing spatial computing to enable knowledge capture, knowledge distribution, and knowledge management within an organization.

“We at 3D Media strive to bridge the gap between the information technology processes and the capability for the human mind to interpret the data,” said Daryl Roy, CEO and Founder of 3D Media. “Taqtile fits into our company’s mission by providing additional capabilities to optimize and ease the training process through knowledge capture, distribution, and management. This  further enables all facilities training frontline workers to save money, mitigate risk, and keep themselves safe.” 

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