The Edge VR unveils its new magnetically tracked, full body VR experience platform

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May 30, 2022 – The Edge VR, a provider of room-scale virtual reality (VR) entertainment, training and immersive education solutions, has recently announced the launch of its new magnetically tracked, full body VR platform, which provides the ability to deploy high-quality, multi-person experiences in a room-scale environment using the company’s patented magnetic tracking technology.

The Edge VR stated that its immersive experiences are made possible through a proprietary method of precise physical and virtual alignment combined with magnetic tracking, which results in a non-occlusive capability to interact with the physical world. Users are tracked in a physical space via the magnetic tracking system, which is coupled with a wireless display that delivers high quality graphics in order to render a highly immersive environment for users. Another key benefit of the platform is its versatility, as The Edge VR system is less expensive and quicker to deploy than competing systems, according to the company.

Five key components of The Edge VR’s solution include:

  1. Full Body Magnetic Tracking – A high degree of accuracy is paramount when tracking in a virtual space. The company’s patented magnetic distortion correction and calibration algorithm corrects the steady state distortion present in a space of any size;
  2. Occlusion Free – More expensive camera-based systems can be prone to player occlusions. The electromagnetic tracking system used by The Edge VR is occlusion free – so there is no line of sight required. This allows for close, immersive interaction that needs just one calibration for the electromagnetic tracking system in any given space;
  3. Proprietary Alignment Algorithm – The Edge VR has developed a proprietary algorithm that aligns the virtual space to the physical space and is repeatable and accurate to within 5 millimeters, according to the company;
  4. The Experience – Multiple physical interactive components are located within the game space and influence the experience outcome when activated by the players. Some examples include levers and buttons that are adaptively tracked and require no external sensors. These features coupled with The Edge VR’s full body tracking system allow for a higher degree of immersion.
  5. Hardware – The Edge VR’s platforms are room scale (20’x20’). Players wear a lightweight harness, and the hardware is designed for people of all ages and sizes. The company added that its experiences are also soon to be streamed using new WIFI 6 wireless technology.

“Six years of extensive research and experience in the VR industry have given us a deeper understanding of the current limited offerings and the potential beyond what has been accomplished so far. As a result, we’ve successfully opened up a world of possibilities,” said Adam Anfiteatro, Founder & CEO of The Edge VR. “As an emerging technology, we fully appreciate the limitless possibilities virtual reality presents and after years of research, discussions and trial and error, we are excited to see all the pieces come together.”

The Edge VR’s CEO & Founder, Adam Anfiteatro.

The company’s technology is currently being showcased in The Edge of Space at The Edge VR Experience Center located in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, just north of NYC. For more information on The Edge VR and its immersive room-scale VR experiences, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: The Edge VR

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