ThirdEye announces sales partnership in the Philippines for its AR smart glasses

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January 12, 2023 – ThirdEye, a provider of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) solutions for enterprise, has announced a sales partnership with local distributors in the Philippines, including Manila Electric, PNLT Telecom and others.

The company stated that it will be providing its smart glasses solutions for a range of use cases in the Philippines, including field service solutions, healthcare and telecoms, and use cases across the oil and gas sector. Local representatives looking to explore the use of augmented and mixed reality across a variety of industries are now able to try out ThirdEye’s products first-hand at select locations in Manila and Tarlac.

“We are excited to partner with ThirdEye, a leader in AR/AI solutions. Their expertise with the US Military is the highest possible standard and with our software and distribution channels we can bring it to the Philippines and South Asia to serve industries from healthcare to field services and telecoms,” said Vic Rodriguez, Business Development in Asia for ThirdEye. “The Philippines has roughly 120 million people and AR can have a tremendous impact on them. With over 7000 islands, use cases such as telehealth and remote assistance with augmented reality will be invaluable.”

According to ThirdEye, the glasses deployment will be spread out over time, with the company’s devices being used for telehealth, border security, image/object recognition, drones and more. ThirdEye has already successfully deployed its technology for clients such as the US Military and healthcare organizations.

“It is nice to see another worldwide use case for AR with leaders in B2B and government applications and we are excited to partner with them,” said Nick Cherukuri, CEO ThirdEye.

ThirdEye provides a complete digital end-to-end ecosystem of augmented reality smart glasses products, as well as AI-powered metaverse software applications. The company noted that its AR and AI solutions are also helping organizations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by enabling them to cut down on the amount of unnecessary workforce travel, as well as reducing machine downtimes through solutions like remote assistance. 

For more information on ThirdEye and its AR and MR solutions for enterprise, please visit the company’s website.

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