ThirdEye awarded patent for low-latency streaming method for large data Augmented Reality applications on Smartglasses

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June 25, 2019 – ThirdEye has announced that the company has won another patent for augmented and mixed reality technology. The recently awarded patent is for low-latency streaming of 3D content for content such as CAD models.

According to ThirdEye, by utilizing a structured streaming process, the technology allows a high level of data to be sent over the air from ThirdEye X2 glasses to another set of glasses. A further function of the technology is the ability to send information from the company’s website to any pair of glasses around the world that are connected to the internet.

ThirdEye expects that the newly won patent will help benefit remote assistance applications and 3D scanning applications. A more seamless transfer of data will result in an equally seamless end user experience.

For more information on the newly approved ThirdEye patent, click here.

Image credit: ThirdEye

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