ThirdEye Gen announces new Software Partner Generate Program to expand its X2 Smartglasses developer community

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May 29, 2019 – ThirdEye Gen, a provider of augmented and mixed reality (MR) enterprise solutions, has announced its new Software Partner Generate Program to expand its developer community and provide unique partnership opportunities for individual developers and large AR/MR software companies.

ThirdEye’s Software Partner Generate Program has three main components aimed at benefitting developers, including:

Revenue Share Agreement – Software developers and companies have two options to generate additional revenue with ThirdEye’s X2 MR glasses (hardware):

  • Become a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) – Buy ThirdEye’s X2 glasses, put their software on it and resell it at a value-added price and for bulk quantities.
  • Earn Two-Way Commission – ThirdEye pays commission base on deals generated by software partners, and software partners can pay commission base to ThirdEye based on deals that the compant generates for them.

Partner Success Program – ThirdEye’s in-house software team offers free developer support to answer any questions and enable developers to port, develop or run their application on the X2 glasses effectively. AR/MR developer communities will have unrestricted access to the team who designed and created the X2 glasses, enabling them to explore and take full advantage of all the features, sensors and capabilities built into the X2 glasses in order to get their apps running.

Lease Program – For large-scale deployments on the X2 glasses, ThirdEye is offering a two-year lease program to spread out payments towards the overall cost in order to “help disseminate AR/MR technology around the world and create an affordable and unique payment structure”, according to the company.

Nick Cherukuri, Founder of ThirdEye Gen, said: “We support our developer community and understand how important their role is to improving the applications for our X2 glasses, which is why we are so excited to implement this first of its kind software partnership program to strengthen and grow those relationship.” He added, “Our goal is for developers to get the most out of our hardware – both with functionality and pricing.”

In addition to ThirdEye’s new Software Partner Generate Program, the company offers existing opportunities to strengthen its developer relations, including the ThirdEye App Store, Joint Marketing to showcase new applications at trade shows, Developers Documentation to provide same source codes, X2 Simulator and Android Studio that allows developers to check and test what their solution will look like on the glasses, as well as the company’s proprietary VisionEye SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) SDK that is available for free to encourage developers to take advantage of this built-in capability.

Image credit: ThirdEye Gen

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