Vancouver’s new Zero Latency VR location to open its doors tomorrow

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February 14, 2020 – Whilst virtual reality is commonly used as a means of escaping to a different location from the comfort of one’s own home, it seems that VR in itself has actually now become the destination, with VR gaming locations opening up across the globe more and more often. Tomorrow, Zero Latency VR will be opening the doors to its newest free-roam virtual reality entertainment destination in Vancouver, Canada.

The booking webpage for the Vancouver location is accepting reservations starting February 15, and is offering customers a selection of four VR gaming experiences:

Outbreak Origins – a zombie shooter adventure, where players team up for a free-roaming zombie experience;

Singularity – a sci-fi shooter, seemingly similar to the Outbreak Origins experience, only with robots instead of zombies;

Zombie Survival – there is a theme developing here – more zombies, only this time the experience sees teams trapped in a fort in a Call Of Duty-style ‘Nazi Zombies’ game mode;

Engineerium – a 3D platform style walking based puzzle experience.

All games involve a 15 minute safety briefing, followed by 30 minutes of in-game play time, however, the Zombie Survival and Engineerum games are grouped together, as individually they each last 15 minutes. Overall, the company has a total of five games on offer, with a further two that are ‘coming soon’. However, it seems that to begin with, this new Vancouver location will at first only be hosting the above four mentioned titles, with the company’s fifth title, the ‘Sol Raiders’ player vs player game, not currently on offer.

Session prices range from CAD $44.95 to CAD $59.95, depending on the time of day, and each experience can accommodate groups of up to eight players. The facility will offer 1,500 sq ft of VR play space, and is located in the Kingsgate Mall at 370 East Broadway.

Commenting on the opening of the new location, business partners Winston Cabell and Karen Krywulak said: “We love the technology. We are absolutely convinced that Zero Latency VR is a notch above. It’s always fun to build something from the ground floor and to introduce something new to a market. The fact that we’re introducing free-roam VR to Vancouver is something that we’re quite proud of. We appreciate the opportunity and we’re going to go all out to ensure that we deliver a great experience for all of our players. We are so keen to be part of the Zero Latency VR family.”

Zero Latency VR has entertainment locations for VR experiences in 22 different countries, with tomorrow’s new opening in Vancouver marking the company’s fourth such VR destination in Canada, with the other three being located in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. Needless to say, Zero Latency Vancouver (we do think that they have missed a trick not calling this location ‘Zero LatencYVR’ though) certainly looks like it will be worth a visit. Furthermore, locations such as this act as a great way to showcase VR technology by allowing those who have never experienced VR to see what all the fuss is about, without having to invest in buying what can sometimes be expensive hardware setups, particularly for truly immersive VR gaming experiences.

Image credit: Zero Latency VR

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