Varjo expands its reseller network in Europe with Antycip Simulation

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November 26, 2019 – Varjo Technologies has today announced the expansion of its value-added reseller network with Antycip Simulation, a European provider of virtual reality solutions, visual displays, simulation tools and engineering services. As part of the agreement, Antycip Simulation will provide Varjo HMDs to customers using its portfolio of professional VR and visual display solutions for training and simulation.

“Antycip Simulation provides a complete solution of both physical and virtual elements for simulation customers, enabling a fully immersive training experience,” said John Burwell, Global Lead for Simulation and Training at Varjo. “We look forward to working with Antycip to give their customers access to Varjo’s professional-grade headsets which offer human-eye resolution, fully-integrated hand tracking and eye tracking capabilities, all which are particularly important in training use cases where trainees need to naturally interact with virtual environments and instructors need to assess human performance.”

In addition to Varjo’s recently announced VR-2 and VR-2 Pro virtual reality headsets, Antycip Simulation will also offer Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition headset, which makes it possible to mix virtual content with the real world, once the headset is generally available.

“Antycip Simulation is pleased and enthusiastic to be partnering with Varjo,” said Michel Pronier, CEO of Antycip Simulation. “With its revolutionary vision of what VR and XR will mean for enterprises, Varjo integrates with Antycip’s vision and passion to work with the world’s best technology providers to help address our customers’ challenges.”

With Antycip Simulation’s presence in Europe, Varjo anticipates that its technology will now be more accessible to clients through Antycip Simulation’s showrooms, where customers can visit for demonstrations, training, testing and project reviews. Antycip Simulation will be offering customers an opportunity to experience the new Varjo VR-2 Pro headset in its showrooms in Milan, Italy and Oxford, UK, as well as at their headquarters in Paris, France.

Varjo launched its global reseller network in June of this year to provide customers with more access to its VR/XR industrial headsets. The program has grown to include over 20 authorised reseller partners across North America, Europe and Japan.

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