Varjo VR-1 integrates with UNIGINE to enable real-time industrial 3D visualizations in Virtual Reality

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September 4, 2019 – Real-time 3D engine UNIGINE has announced support for the Varjo VR-1 in the release of version 2.9 of its SDK. UNIGINE is a global company focused on real-time 3D technologies, delivering industrial solutions for simulation, visualization, scientific research, virtual reality systems and more. Current industry use cases for UNIGINE include:

  • Safer training for transport;
  • Readiness of first responders;
  • Visualization of projects in fast, real-time 3D;
  • Virtual exploration of inaccessible or hostile places;

The integration of UNIGINE and the Varjo VR-1, which is tagged as “the world’s only human-eye resolution headset”, and includes integrated eye tracking, will allow users to visualize 3D models and simulations using the highest possible visual fidelity virtual reality. The visual quality in VR-1 means that every detail, texture, contour and color are as clear as they are in the real world. Even the smallest texts and objects are distinguishable in the VR environment, according to Varjo.

Designed for use in demanding industrial settings, the Varjo VR-1 seems well suited to utilization for UNIGINE’s industrial use cases, including complex training simulations, architectural models, and 3D design. Both UNIGINE and Varjo VR-1 are products aimed at the professional market.

“Our enterprise customers were asking if we can recommend a crystal-clear VR headset for professionals. Now the solution is here. Varjo headsets provide both great resolution and eye tracking, both of which are required in demanding industrial applications. I’m happy to see the synergy between the UNIGINE software platform and Varjo hardware, as we share several use cases in common, such as flight simulation and other types of professional simulators, engineering apps, industrial digital twins, and top-notch interactive presentations,” said Denis Shergin, UNIGINE CEO and Founder.

Niko Eiden, co-founder and CEO of Varjo, also commented: “We take a lot of pride in the quality of our headsets, and our mission with VR-1 is to empower professionals who really need and appreciate quality to start using VR for industrial applications. The integration with UNIGINE represents an important step into the direction where Varjo will eventually change the way designers, simulation professionals and researchers interact and work with computers”.

Other features of UNIGINE 2.9 include the introduction of a new workflow for implementing application logic in projects using C# API (as a pilot version for verification), along with new rendering features such as improved soft shadows, more realistic subsurface scattering, smoother and more stable screen-space effects for better image quality, dome-screen supporting AppProjection plugin, performance optimizations (multithreaded clutters and clusters management, faster materials loading, etc.), quality of life enhancements for both Engine and Editor, and more.

The fully functioning Varjo plugin is already available in the August release of UNIGINE 2.9.

Image credit: Varjo/UNIGINE

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