VR and AR solutions provider Brightline Interactive joins The Glimpse Group

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August 2, 2022 – The Glimpse Group, Inc. (Glimpse), a multi-solution immersive technology company operating as an ecosystem of enterprise-focused software and services subsidiaries, has today announced that Brightline Interactive has joined the group. Founded in 2016, Glimpse owns and operates 14 subsidiary companies, employing over 200 software developers, 3D artists, and VR/AR professionals.

Brightline Interactive is a global provider of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 5G integration, spatial computing and deep tech software and service solutions, including scalable immersive and interactive experiences, training scenarios, and simulations for both government and commercial customers. Some of the company’s key clients include: AT&T, Coca-Cola and the United States Air Force.

With Brightline Interactive joining the group, Glimpse stated that: “Through a combination of workforce size, cross-sector diversity, portfolio of patents and yearly revenue run rate, we believe that Glimpse is now the single largest independent software and services company in the immersive technology sector.”

Focusing on the “largest independent company” aspect, Glimpse noted that it sees itself as occupying an important middle-ground between the two poles of tech giant and nascent tech startup, something that it believes is new to the immersive tech industry. Glimpse added that the fact that it has a seat at the table between the two ends of the spectrum is partly a testament to its approach to growth, but it also says something about the immersive tech industry at large.

Glimpse also noted that the companies that exist between the giants and the startups can, in many ways, offer the best of both worlds, in that they can be more agile and adaptable, and less burdened by bureaucracy than giant corporations may be. But they can also bring to bear greater experience and resources than an average startup, leading to more ambitious and substantial projects.

Commenting on the announcement, Lyron Bentovim, President & CEO of Glimpse, said: “We offer our subsidiary companies the ability to leverage the benefits of combined scale, best practices, go-to-market synergies and Nasdaq listing. These present a critical competitive advantage, especially in an emerging industry. Our subsidiaries keep their leadership, staff and ‘secret sauce’, enabling them to focus on what they’re good at, while simultaneously benefiting from Glimpse’s immense resources, knowledge and connections. Not only does Glimpse support its subsidiaries, but our subsidiaries support each other, with collaborative projects and industry connections shared freely. We are stronger together. In this regard, Brightline brings significant industry experience, capabilities and relationships to the table, and we’re excited for them to join Glimpse.”

Tyler Gates, CEO and Managing Partner of Brightline Interactive, commented: “Brightline and Glimpse both share an ambitious vision for the role that immersive technologies can play in an enterprise setting, making Glimpse a natural fit for us. By joining Glimpse we can significantly upscale our ability to create meaningful interactive experiences for our clients across the globe.”

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