VR Expert becomes key reseller of DPVR VR headsets in European markets

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July 14, 2022 – VR Expert, a supplier of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) hardware products for businesses, has recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with VR technology solutions provider DPVR. As part of the agreement, VR Expert will become a key reseller of the DPVR P1 Ultra 4K VR headset in European markets.

Shanghai-based DPVR manufactures virtual reality solutions, such as the company’s P1 Ultra 4K VR headset, which DPVR states has been designed with the latest hardware and software technologies, including a high resolution display and special lenses that help to prevent stray light. The P1 Ultra 4K can also be equipped with various additional modules for increased flexibility of use, including modules for eye-tracking, heart rate monitoring, 4G/5G functionality, and more. DPVR stated that this modular functionality, coupled with a long battery life and ergonomic design, means the P1 Ultra 4K is well placed to meet the varying needs of the enterprise.

DPVR’s P1 4K Ultra VR headset

DPVR is also one of the few companies that still offers 3DoF VR headsets with 4K resolution. The company noted that its 3DoF devices are predominantly used with an educational-focused setup in mind, as well as for training and onboardings where high resolution and realistic experiences are required.

Commenting on the partnership with VR Expert, Derek Liu, VP at DPVR, said: “VR Expert is an important partner for DPVR. Currently, we are seeing a high demand in the European market for a large number of all-in-one VR headsets, as well as for VR content and hardware integration solutions. To address this demand, DPVR offers enterprises the most complete all-in-one VR solution.”

“DPVR will combine its own VR sales channels to enable more customers to get faster access to customized products and best in class services from VR Expert,” continued Liu.

DPVR added that through the cooperation with VR Expert, it will be able to introduce more content to cover a full range of application scenarios, including education, training, medical care, conferences and offline entertainment.

Also commenting on the partnership, VR Expert CEO Marco Janmaat, said: “DPVR offers one of the market-leading solutions in virtual reality technology. By working with DPVR, we are able to support our clients in the areas of education, training, onboarding, events and conferences with appropriate 3DoF VR headsets, software and services. As a result, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive virtual reality solution.”

The DPVR P1 Ultra 4K can now be ordered through VR Expert’s website with a price tag of EUR €350, plus VAT. VR Expert also offers a wide range of additional VR accessories and support.

For more information on DPVR and its virtual reality enterprise solutions, click here.

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