HTC VIVE launches VIVE Business+ for enterprise VR device management

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June 7, 2023 – HTC VIVE has today announced the launch of VIVE Business+, the company’s new solution that gives users the power to manage their fleet of VIVE enterprise devices. The company has also announced the launch of its VIVE XR Elite Business Edition headset, which includes a 2-year commercial-use warranty and free access to VIVE Business+.

VIVE Business+ is an enterprise-level, web-based application that simplifies the management of HMD fleets. The VIVE Business+ platform will help to eliminate tedious manual configurations and time-consuming updates for individual headsets, and instead allow users to enroll and manage all of their VIVE headsets, unlocking the full potential of the company’s all-in-one virtual reality (VR) devices.

Key features of VIVE Business+ include:

Device Management – Users can scan a QR code by simply looking at a QR code while wearing a headset to quickly enroll the device and set up the essential information and Wi-Fi options. Plus, a group management system enables swift deployment of updates and settings across multiple devices with just a few clicks.

Remote Device Monitoring – Allows fleet managers to stay informed about the status of devices, such as monitoring battery levels, device performance, and other critical data in real-time, from anywhere. With remote device monitoring, 

User Management – Allows organizations to add users and define permissions for admin, editor, and viewer roles. VIVE Business+ enables organizations to maintain control over user access (whether for multiple teams or separate departments) all from a single, centralized platform.

Batch Configuration for Customization – With batch configuration, users can apply customizable settings across groups of headsets over the air. This allows for the management of large-scale deployments and ensures a consistent experience across entire VR fleets.

VIVE Business+ also offers advanced features exclusively designed to enhance the utility of an organization’s headsets, including:

Kiosk Mode – Allows HMD fleet managers to capture peoples’ attention and eliminate distractions by locking users into specific VR and XR experiences. With Kiosk Mode, organizations can customize tutorials, app permissions, network security, and more, ensuring a focused and controlled environment.

Visual Odometry (VO) Mode – Enables organizations to scale up user rotation and deploy VR experiences without the need for extensive environment setup. VO Mode allows organizations to more efficiently deploy VR-based training programs or create event experiences in various settings, enabling users to jump right into virtual experiences.

To learn more about HTC VIVE’s new VIVE Business+ solution, as well as the company’s VIVE XR Elite headset, click here.

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