SenseGlove launches Nova 2 haptic force feedback gloves for enhanced VR interactions

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May 29, 2023 – SenseGlove, a provider of haptic force-feedback gloves, has today announced its latest innovation, with the release of the second generation of the company’s SenseGlove Nova haptic gloves – the “Nova 2.”

According to SenseGlove, the new device will help to improve the way users interact with the digital world, by providing an increased level of realism in virtual training, research, and social multiplayer interactions.

SenseGlove products allow users to interact in virtual reality (VR) naturally by providing a sense of touch and allowing the users to feel the size, stiffness and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, haptic gloves allow users to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze digital objects in the virtual world like they are real.

The new gloves will be equipped with ‘Active Contact Feedback’ to simulate a feeling inside the user’s hand, making any object that comes in contact with the whole palm feel more realistic – whether it’s a car steering wheel, a laboratory flask, or just an apple.

The Active Contact Feedback feature will come in addition to force-feedback, which is already available in SenseGlove’s current Nova gloves, and which provides an illusion of holding an object, by restricting the fingers’ movement. Now, not only the fingers will be restricted around virtual objects, but the whole palm of the hand will feel various kinds of interactions: from squeezing and breaking a glass to shaking a hand.

SenseGlove added that the Nova 2 is also ideal for simulating the feedback from power tools such as arm saws, drills, and grinders, as well as any objects that give a strong impact during interaction, such as hammers, cutting pliers, and rehabilitation stress balls. 

Furthermore, the Active Contact Feedback feature will mean the new Nova gloves are also able to provide a new dimension to social and multiplayer interactions, allowing users to high five a colleague on the other side of the planet and feel the response or shake hands with a business partner and feel them squeeze the hand in response.

“Since the launch of SenseGlove, we have been gathering feedback about the desired features,” said SenseGlove CEO Frank Goovaerts. “One of the most requested features was the ability to feel feedback on the palm of the hand, just as one would in real life. With Nova 2.0, we have been able to incorporate this feature, all while maintaining the wireless and compact design of the gloves.”

The SenseGlove Nova 2 will start shipping in Q4 2023 and will be available at a price of USD $5,999. However, for users who cannot wait, SenseGlove has updated its pricing for the current version of the Nova gloves, which are now available with a discount of USD $1,000, costing a total of USD $3,999.

SenseGlove will be presenting their products at AWE in Santa Clara this week, from May 31-June 2. For more information on SenseGlove and its haptics solutions for virtual reality, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: SenseGlove

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