VR Roguelite FPS “Wandering In Space” Now Available On Steam Early Access

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August 1, 2022 – Moonseer Games, a Hong Kong-based Virtual Reality (VR) games studio, has announced that its roguelite first-person shooter (FPS) title “Wandering In Space” is now available on Steam Early Access. Click here to read our review.

Wandering In Space is a sci-fi horror FPS set 500 years in the future, where a virus has almost entirely wiped out the human race. The last refuge of humanity is a space station orbiting Earth, and the game puts players in the role of a special forces operative tasked with defending the station from hoards of virus-infected enemies.

Players progress by unlocking new weapons and skills as they journey through the space station in an attempt to discover the truth behind humanity’s downfall. In true roguelite style, with no respawns or checkpoints, every time you die in Wandering In Space you begin your run-through of each level of the space station again. However, every death makes you stronger and each restart offers you the chance to employ new tactics, as well as change your loadout, upgrade your weapons, and grow your character’s abilities to be better prepared for your next attempt.

Resources are key to your survival and scavenging scrap materials scattered throughout the space station will help you craft new weapons including pistols, rifles, bows, shotguns, and rail guns, as well as ammo and armor upgrades.

“We are very proud and excited to announce the launch of Wandering In Space on Steam Early Access,” said Selina Shen, Chief Marketing Officer at Moonseer Games. “Wandering In Space offers 10 hours of gripping VR gameplay that combines RPG and roguelite elements across six different space station levels, providing a different experience with every run-through. We are already receiving great feedback on the game from well known VR YouTubers, including SteveKnows and Paradise Decay, and we can’t wait to see what the wider VR gaming community makes of it.”

Moonseer Games stated that with the game in Early Access, community feedback will help to guide improvements and updates, and the studio aims to keep Wandering In Space updated for many years to come. Improvements to combat mechanics and effects are already in the pipeline, as well as additional DLC to enhance the story, according to the company.

Furthermore, later this year the company has stated that it plans to release multiplayer PVE and PVP modes for Wandering In Space, which will pit players against either AI controlled enemies or one another, as they control soldiers from different factions and further explore the space station environment.

Wandering in Space is available now on Steam Early Access. Gamers can also currently enjoy a discount of up to 34% (discounts may vary in different regions). To view the Wandering in Space Steam Store page, go to https://store.steampowered.com/app/1971770/

For more information on Moonseer Games, including game guides and resources, visit https://www.moonseer.com/ and follow the Wandering In Space social channels on YouTube and Twitter.

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