VR Vision partners with AVANGRID to develop custom Virtual Reality substation training

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March 19, 2021 – VR Vision, a provider of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) training solutions, has recently announced that it has collaborated with AVANGRID, a US-based sustainable energy provider, to develop an enterprise-focused training platform that uses VR to help educate and train maintenance and repair technicians on electrical substation entry and substation walk-through. 

According to VR Vision, the platform is fully immersive and was developed in Unity for use with Oculus VR hardware. Data gathered during training sessions on the platform is then used to assess learner performance, enabling AVANGRID to make data-driven decisions about individual technician preparedness for critical situations.

“We aim to develop cutting-edge training tools that are not only engaging but also will provide real-world value to the end-user,” said Lorne Fade, co-founder and COO of VR Vision. “We aim to do this by listening to our clients’ needs and then optimizing a training solution that is not only immersive but will give organizations a complete experience for learning as well as provide additional ROI in the long term.”

Lorne continued, “VR is being used to streamline processes, enhance learning outcomes, and give learners a unique way to actively learn which has shown to increase competency rates by up to 90%,” adding, “We are excited to be working with AVANGRID on this and other immersive training platforms as we feel this is only the beginner for enterprise groups to usher in a new era of training programs that can eliminate risk, standardize processes and overall improve organizations bottom line in a unique and exciting way.”

VR Vision stated that with the substation entry walkthrough training platform, users have a 1 to 1 virtual reality recreation that can benefit new as well as existing technicians on power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. The modules currently train technicians on pre-entry authorization with an in-depth focus on power transmission through open-air disconnects, transformers (CTs and PTs), breakers and grounding breakers, while displaying each component on an one-line diagram.

The company added that the virtual training experience will help to safely train technicians and electrical engineers on the operations of substations, providing virtual access to one, thereby avoiding the difficulty and danger of training on site at a live substation.

For more information on VR Vision and its virtual reality training solutions for utilities and industry, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: VR Vision / YouTube

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