VRSim announces launch of Virtual Reality paint and coating training tool ‘SimSpray 3.0’

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August 14, 2019 – Virtual Reality training simulation provider, VRSim, Inc., has announced SimSpray 3.0, the next generation of the company’s VR paint training tool, which uses HTC’s VIVE Pro head mounted display (HMD) and VIVE Trackers.

VRSim stated that SimSpray’s redesign now offers a more intuitive and true-to-life user experience by featuring enhanced visuals, trainee feedback, and the ability to simulate larger work environments. The HTC VIVE Pro enhanced optics and visuals provides SimSpray with accurate visuals to provide a realistic and immersive experience.

“SimSpray 3.0 is the next evolution in virtual skills training. Through immersive learning, instant feedback, and performance analytics, students are able to train in a more efficient manner that isn’t possible with real-life training,” said Matthew Wallace, CEO and President of VRSim. “We’re thrilled to offer this solution to our customers and the industry as the most advanced training simulation we have made to date.”

The SimSpray training tool for the paint and coating industry utilizes virtual reality to create engaging and educational simulations that are aimed at lowering costs and providing faster, safer, and more efficient training. The VR experience aids the learning process with tools that help boost training productivity and provide immediate feedback and analytics that aren’t available in typical training scenarios. These tools and feedback include performance reports, live scoring, and kinesthetic cues. SimSpray provides trainers and trainees with the ability to practice, analyze key metrics, diagnose flaws, and improve their skills in a single training session.

“SimSpray is the most effective tool on the market, so we’re thrilled to implement the newest version, SimSpray 3.0. Our Directors of Training have used SimSpray to recruit and train the next generation of  International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) apprentices since 2009,” said Anton Ruesing, Director of the International Finishing Trades Institute (IFTI).

SimSpray 3.0 features:

  • The premium HTC VIVE Pro HMD with true-to-life precise tracking and a large training space to support the virtualization of larger parts and training spaces;
  • Visual updates for paint finishes and defects for more realistic paint application and improved immersion;
  • Re-designed user-experience with intuitive features and streamlined equipment setup;
  • Weighted spray gun for added realism and kinesthetic training, featuring the same functional nozzle, trigger, and dials on previous spray gun versions;
  • More user-control options, including in-sim controls to give trainees better access to project controls and analysis without removing the HMD;
  • Customizable return-on-investment reports for clear, personalized time and cost savings.

According to the company, SimSpray’s ease-of-use and minimal setup requirements make it easy for businesses to take advantage of VRSim’s research, insights, and technological experience by offering rapid deployment, mobility, and accessibility. First released in 2011, VRSim stated that it continues to improve SimSpray with additional processes, parts, training content, and software and hardware updates.

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