Whyre announces Argon Transform Augmented Reality HUD for motorcycle helmets

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July 24, 2019 – Whyre has announced the introduction of Argon Transform, a dual-camera Augmented Reality (AR) attachment designed to make any motorcycle helmet smart and interactive, according to the company.

Combining a see-through heads-up display with a Bluetooth handlebar controller, Argon Transform gives motorcycle riders hands-free access and functionality to music and calls while riding. The Indiegogo Campaign, which launched yesterday with a USD $25,000 funding goal, features limited early bird specials priced at USD $399, as well as several other rewards for backers.

Whyre states that Argon Transform includes all the essential riding features in an all-in-one system. These features include an HD see-through AR heads up display (HUD), a user interface that provides access to information at a glance (including caller ID, GPS navigation arrows, and speedometer), a low-latency rear camera feed (provides for a near 180-degree field-of-view that eradicates blind spots from oncoming vehicles from behind), popup caller-ID to answer/reject phone calls, and the ability to access, select, and play music.

As part of the system, Argon Transform also comes with a Bluetooth Handlebar Controller that provides riders with one-touch wireless control while riding. With this controller, riders are able to switch between visual functions on the AR display, music controls, pick up calls, capture pictures/videos, and more. Its 3-way wireless control system allows Argon to simultaneously connect to a mobile phone and the handlebar controller using Bluetooth low-energy, which provides for smoother data transfer. Argon Transform also comes with WIFI capabilities for direct network connection.

The system also acts as a dash cam, with the front camera enabling riders to capture HD action videos, and also allowing for loop recording. The media is stored on an expandable micro SD card that can be accessed directly using the Argon mobile app.

Other features include:

  • Two-Way Bluetooth Intercom System: Private communication channel for rider distances of up to 100 meters apart;
  • Hi-Fi Speakers and Microphone: Noise cancelling speakers and microphone are fitted into the helmet, while the back attachment manages music, calls, and audio navigation cues;
  • Offline Built-in GPS: Does not require data and operates even in remote areas where the cellular network is weak, according to the company;
  • Up to 8-hour Lithium-Polymer Battery for longer rides between charges and outdoor use;
  • Dedicated Mobile App: Provides access to specific ride statistics, captured media, Argon settings, Argon social community, digital riding logbook (where users can record last maintenance dates, spare part changes/cost, etc.)

According to Whyre, Argon Transform features a compact, light design requiring minimal installation (after installation of the basic mounts, users only need slot Argon Transform into the mounts), which makes it transferable between helmets. The company states that first-time users can install Argon Transform within 15-20 minutes, including setting up the accompanying Argon app. Users only need to apply sticky mounts onto a helmet for Argon to attach. This means no screws or drilling is required, which also means that the system does not destroy the integrity of the user’s helmet.

Argon Transform is currently live on Indiegogo, and at the time of publishing, the campaign was 46% of the way towards its funding goal.

Video credit: Argon Transform/YouTube

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