WorldViz Vizard VR software platform now supports HTC VIVE Pro Eye

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June 19, 2019 – WorldViz has today announced that its Vizard VR software platform now supports the new HTC VIVE Pro Eye VR headset.

VIVE Pro Eye users can now leverage the R&D focussed analysis capabilities of the Vizard platform, which gives low-level access and control to researchers who need exact measurements of eye tracking data. Vizard also provides add-ons for analytics, and adds Python language extendability.

WorldViz states that, with Vizard, it’s easy to integrate with other displays, headsets, motion trackers, biofeedback sensors, and input devices.

WorldViz highlighted the use cases for Vizard with the VIVE PRO EYE include:

  • Psychological and behavioral research
  • Training and performance analysis
  • Marketing studies and analytics

Out-of-the box capabilities include:

  • Record and playback eye tracking behavior for “after action review” including 3D path review
  • Extensive data analytics
  • User performance triggered feedback loops with eye or physiological sensor data
  • Precise timing experimental control and device synchronization
  • Extended support for multi-user environments
  • 360 videos and 3D files from a wide array of sources as customizable stimuli
  • Recording of gaze direction data, pupil size, fixation timings, and other low level parameters

Vizard can be tested for free of charge, and is available for download from WorldViz’ website.

Image credit: WorldViz/HTC VIVE

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