XR Immersive Tech partners with VictoryXR to provide new educational VR content experiences to LBVR operators

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March 24, 2022 – XR Immersive Tech Inc., a provider of immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, has recently announced that its recently acquired subsidiary, Synthesis VR Inc., a location-based virtual reality (LBVR) content distribution and facility management platform, has joined forces with VictoryXR in bringing the company’s educational content to LBVR operators worldwide, accessible through the Synthesis VR content marketplace.

VictoryXR provides virtual reality educational content for levels starting in Kindergarten and up to Grade 12. The company’s wide-ranging educational VR content offers VR learning experiences across science, literature, math, computer engineering, art, drama and much more, and allows students to take virtual field trips, attend virtual classes or enjoy gamified immersive sessions.

A Shabeer Sinnalebbe, Head of XR Networks at Immersive Tech stated: “As COVID restrictions world-wide start easing, we are seeing a dramatic bounce back of the LBVR industry after two years of mandates and restrictions being lifted. VR entertainment centers have always focused on games that are able to attract a wide audience and keep their locations busy during off peak hours.”

Sinnalebbe continued, “With the completion of Synthesis VR’s year-long R&D phase aiming at the support of all standalone/mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs), Synthesis VR is beginning to add a wide range of new experiences which have been specifically developed for these standalone Android-based HMD’s. With this VictoryXR partnership, we are proud to not only bring their PC based VR content, but all the added VictoryXR educational content developed for Android standalone headsets.”

Immersive Tech stated that the falling cost of VR HMDs over the past few years as a result of advancements in standalone Android-based headsets (such as Meta Quest and HTC Vive Focus 3) is giving rise to a rapid increase in VR Arcade centers opening worldwide, including VR attractions being added to existing Family Entertainment Centers. The company believes by offering K to Grade 12 STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) content, LBVR operators can take advantage of these immersive learning experiences to attract students, parents, tutors and school field trips, thus expanding their business, particularly in off-peak day-time hours.

VictoryXR CEO, Steve Grubbs, stated: “Synthesis VR and VictoryXR will bring education to life for students who want to learn while being immersed in gaming. Loving to learn starts with immersive education and that is what this partnership brings to all the locations that use Synthesis VR.”

Tim Bieber, CEO of Immersive Tech added: “This partnership further reinforces Immersive Tech’s commitment to bridge reality with virtual reality in a way that benefits LBVR operators and their users. Immersive Tech and its team are incredibly pleased to be a part of this process of making education, training, and immersive learning more readily available to the world.”

For more information on Immersive Tech and its location-based virtual reality content platform, click here. To find out more about VictoryXR and its educational virtual reality offering, click here.

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