Cavrnus and Ruby Groupe announce collaboration to deploy fashion metaverse experiences for brands

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March 7, 2023 – Cavrnus, Inc., a provider of extended reality (XR) and metaverse solutions for enterprise, has recently announced a partnership and new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ruby Groupe, Inc., a Tokyo-based provider and developer of e-commerce solutions and sites for luxury fashion brands.

According to Cavrnus, the new collaboration will enable Ruby Groupe to leverage the Cavrnus platform in order to plan, create and deploy high-quality fashion metaverse experiences that can be shared across any device or platform.

The metaverse layer Ruby Groupe is creating will help to add value to brands by allowing them to have a scalable, persistent virtual location for community-based social experiences with new routes to personalization and purchasing, according to the company.

Cavrnus noted that thanks to its insight, creativity and luxury brand expertise, Ruby Groupe will lead a path forward for metaverse commerce experiences, with the companies hoping the new partnership will shape the future of fashion through a unique approach to providing immersive virtual and hybrid retail experiences that bolster true-to-life connections between brands, customers and consumers. Through the Cavrnus platform, instilling brand values into experiences that would have otherwise been impossible in the physical world will help build more meaningful connections to consumers at all touchpoints along their shopper journey.

Commenting on the new partnership, Yutaka Ohno, Representative Director of Ruby Groupe, Inc. said: “Ruby Groupe has been providing a premium experience for luxury brand stores through its online store. With the alliance with Cavrnus, we will evolve as the first partner to offer an even more premium experience on the metaverse.”

Anthony Duca, CEO and Co-founder of Cavrnus, Inc., added: “We at Cavrnus are thrilled to be supporting and powering Ruby Groupe’s vision of luxury fashion metaverse experiences! As fashion brands embrace virtual experiences and digital collectibles, they will need a robust technological solution to fuel this metaverse experience layer for their products and community. With Cavrnus, Ruby Groupe will be able to create and deliver metaverses at scale for all of their clients. Luxury fashion is already paving the way for people to join in the metaverse and we look forward to helping it rapidly grow.”

For more information on Cavrnus and its platform for delivering custom, branded metaverse experiences at scale, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Cavrnus / Ruby Groupe, Inc.

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