Doublepoint unveils smartwatch-based gesture detection technology for XR device control

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January 17, 2024 – Doublepoint Technologies, an innovator in gesture detection technology, has recently announced the released of its free app “Wow Mouse” on the Google Play Store, along with a new version release of its gesture detection algorithm, which is compatible with WearOS smartwatches.

Doubplepoint’s technology allows developers to easily integrate touch-based micro-gestures into to augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) applications, as well as IoT devices and Smartwatch offerings. The company’s new app lets consumers supercharge their Android watches with cutting-edge gesture-touch technology and instant Bluetooth connectivity to headsets, phones, tablets, computers and more.

“We’re not just changing the game, we’re rewriting the rules for human-computer interaction with our touch-based gesture tracking. It’s a leap forward, delivering a natural and powerful user experience for smartwatches and beyond,” said Ohto Pentikäinen, CEO of Doublepoint. “Our algorithm is designed to seamlessly blend with existing products, empowering OEMs to revolutionize user experiences without reinventing the wheel.”

Doublepoint stated that any consumer, researcher, developer or tinkerer can empower their WearOS smartwatch with its technology to recognize gestures. The company unveiled the latest iteration of its core software at CES 2024 last week and introduced its ‘Human Interface Device’ (HID) support. This advancement in gesture control introduces stationary pinch and hold, which according to Doublepoint represents “a major breakthrough in wrist-based device control,” as it allows OEMs and developers to offer consumers a more immersive experience by combining gesture and touch.

Doublepoint’s Wow Mouse can connect to AR and VR devices and act as a gesture input controller.

With HID support, any device can identify the app as a sort of ‘mouse,’ facilitating seamless integration with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. This opens up new possibilities for intuitive interaction across a wide range of electronic devices.

In conjunction with the software release, Doublepoint also announced the opening of preorders for the Doublepoint Evaluation Kit. Designed for companies seeking to embed Doublepoint’s gesture detection algorithm, the kit includes a Doublepoint wristband, advanced algorithms and evaluation tools.

Key features of the Doublepoint Kit:

  • Advanced Gesture Detection: The algorithm includes pinch and hold and is robust to arm movements, serving crucial applications in XR headset input, accessibility, IoT, one-handed smartwatch control and more;
  • Licensable Software: The software in the Doublepoint Kit is instantly licensable for integration into existing smartwatches, fitness trackers and other smart wristbands;
  • Reference Design: The Doublepoint Kit serves as a reference design, enabling the creation of new device categories, including input wristbands.

For more information on Doublepoint and its gesture detection technology or to preorder the Doublepoint Kit, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Doublepoint Technologies / YouTube

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