Inseye & Thundercomm collaborate to embed camera-free eye tracking technology into XR devices

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January 24, 2024 – Inseye, an provider of XR eye-tracking technology, has announced a collaboration with Thundercomm, an XR ODM partner. According to the companies, the partnership aims to embed Inseye’s technology across the range of products offered by Thundercomm and its partners, with an aim of setting a new standard for interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Inseye stated that its camera-free technology is ideal for sleek eyewear designs due to its minimal form factor and low power consumption (below 5mW), both of which are crucial features for wearable technology. For AR eye-tracking, Inseye offers a foveated rendering solution that is based on gaze prediction, which is made possible due to a high 1000Hz sampling rate. The company also noted that this sort this capability is also essential for creating immersive and intuitive AR experiences without relying on traditional touchpads or hand controllers.

Inseye’s camera-free eye tracking technology is barely visible once embedded in a device.

Thundercomm, a joint venture between ThunderSoft and Qualcomm Technologies, brings together Qualcomm’s system-on-chip (SoC) technology and ThunderSoft’s expertise in operating systems. Focused on integrating AI, 5G, IoT, and cloud computing, Thundercomm offers comprehensive solutions from smart modules to end products for a wide array of applications, including AR/VR glasses.

“Our joint effort with Inseye is an exploratory step towards an ambitious goal,” said Ian Zhang, Director of Product Marketing at Thundercomm. “We’re aspiring to integrate eye-tracking into lightweight AR glasses — a challenging yet unmet need in the market. The demand for sleek, eye-tracking-enabled AR products is clear, but no existing solution fully meets these criteria. With this collaboration, we intend to leverage our network to unveil the potential of eye-tracking in AR, showcasing its feasibility and utility to our partners.”

The collaboration will leverage Thundercomm’s focus on emerging technologies and its network of OEM/ODM partners. The integration of Inseye’s technology will help to enable the development of AR glasses and other XR devices that are gaze-ready to further enhance user interaction and provide a more natural and intuitive user experience, according to the companies.

“Inseye highly values our collaboration with Thundercomm, a leading ODM partner in the XR field and well-known for their successful XR products,” stated Piotr Krukowski, CTO at Inseye. “This partnership is a significant milestone for us, as it represents a shared journey towards making AR technology more intuitive and user-centric. Working with Thundercomm, recognized for their expertise and innovation in the XR industry, enhances our ability to bring our camera-free eye-tracking solution to the wider audience.”

For more information on Inseye and its camera-free eye tracking technology, click here. To learn more about the Thundercomm joint venture, click here.

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