Meta partners with Calm to bring guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

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May 22, 2024 — Meta has this week announced new features and styles for its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, enhancing their functionality and expanding their range. These updates include new hands-free capabilities, guided mindfulness exercises through a partnership with Calm, and music streaming options thanks to a partnership with Amazon Music.

Calm on Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Meta has partnered with Calm, a provider of meditation software and products, to integrate guided meditations and mindfulness exercises into the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Users can now access this content hands-free by saying, “Hey Meta, play the Daily Calm.” Additionally, Meta stated that all owners of its smart glasses can receive a complimentary three-month subscription to Calm.

Amazon Music Streaming on Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Through the integration of Amazon Music on the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, users can now stream tunes directly to their glasses completely hands-free. A new feature allows users to say, “Hey Meta, play Amazon Music,” which will start a recommended playlist. Audio playback can be controlled through touch or voice commands, enabling users to keep their phones in their pockets.

Hands-free Instagram Story Sharing

An update to the glasses also means that it is now easier for users to share from their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses directly to their Instagram Story without needing to take out their phone to do so. Again, through voice commands, users can ask Meta to share the last photo they took using their smart glasses to Instagram. The company noted that this functionality is rolling out gradually across all devices.

New Styles Available

Finally, Meta announced that three new styles of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are now available in 15 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and various European markets. The new styles (pictured above) include:

  • Skyler in Shiny Chalky Gray with Gradient Cinnamon Pink Lenses
  • Skyler in Shiny Black with Transitions® Cerulean Blue Lenses
  • Headliner Low Bridge Fit in Shiny Black with Polar G15 Lenses

For more information on Meta and its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, please visit the Meta website.

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