Spatial unveils its inaugural season of in-house web browser-based games

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November 17, 2023 – Spatial, a 3D social platform for building, sharing, and playing interactive games across web, mobile, and VR platforms, has recently unveiled its inaugural season of in-house games.

This marks the first of several releases for Spatial in time for the holidays, with more Spatial-built and external games to be announced, which the company stated will give developers the power to build web-based games that can be played directly in a browser straight out of Unity.

The lineup of this first season of games includes titles like ‘Punch Hero’, ‘Racing Empire’, ‘Infinite Ascent’, ‘Shooty Shooty’, ‘Mostly Only Up’, ‘Buddy Blitz’, and ‘Cyber Punk: Neon Ghost’. Spatial is also working to further enrich its gaming portfolio by collaborating with gaming studios IzyPlay and Zaibatsu, who are set to release their games on Spatial’s platform early next year.

Spatial’s User Generated Content (UGC) platform is enabling Unity developers to distribute their content on the web seamlessly. According to Spatial, Unity developers can use C# scripting and other familiar tools in a manner similar to Roblox, but without the necessity of learning new tools or the need for players to download an app. This opens up opportunities for over five million Unity developers to publish content for a global audience, free from the constraints of specific devices, platforms, or app stores.

In addition, Spatial is offering up to a 50% revenue share for developers with no additional hidden costs once titles are published, which will enable developers to meaningfully monetize their games, according to the company.

“Gaming is the new medium for content on the web,” said Anand Agarawala, CEO and Co-Founder at Spatial. “We are expanding the magic of the Roblox model to five million Unity developers, allowing them to reach 200 million web gamers – as many active players as Roblox or Fortnite.”

Agarawala added, “We’ve made this breakthrough that takes advantage of improvements in WebGL, WebAssembly, and GPUs, to bring the types of games you’d typically have to download to the web – no account set up, simply click a link and you’re playing. We’ve taken away all complexity for developers who can for the first time build complex and thrilling games in the browser.”

To try out ‘Punch Hero,’ one of Spatial’s latest gaming releases, click here.

In addition to announcing its inaugural season of in-house games, Spatial also welcomed Charles Ju as the company’s new Head of Gaming. According to Spatial, Ju is an industry vet who launched games with over 100m in downloads and USD $50 million in revenue, including  Sessions, Beat Fever,  Battle Camp and PlayMesh.

“One of the things that drew me to Spatial aside from its ability to bring console-quality gaming to the browser, is its unwavering support for creators and digital storytelling,” commented Ju. “Spatial is leveraging the vast Unity community and offering monetization options that make it a truly viable option for any developer.”

What began with the launch of its Unity Creator Toolkit has culminated with Spatial launching a slate of games, demonstrating how brands and developers can embrace the company’s web-focused User Generated Content approach.

For more information on Spatial and its User Generated Content approach to web-focused gaming experiences, please visit the company’s website.

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