Techtree Innovation to build hyper-realistic Digital Twin for Seoul Metropolitan Government

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June 27, 2024 – Techtree Innovation, a high-precision, high-resolution spatial digital twin platform company, has announced recently that it is building a hyper-realistic digital twin with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and that the company stated that it has signed a “business agreement for the production of a hyper-realistic 3D map and the discovery and joint use of national services.” 

Through this business agreement, Techtree Innovation and Seoul City will cooperate on the development of national services using the construction of a hyper-realistic digital twin based on a game engine that can reflect various physical information and variables. According to a Techtree Innovation official, about 10 people, including Seoul City’s Digital Policy Officer Park Jin-young and Techtree Innovation CEO Choi Seung-yeop, attended the agreement ceremony.

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twin technology creates virtual replicas of physical objects, systems or spaces, allowing for real-time monitoring and simulation. These digital models can also use data from sensors to mirror the physical counterpart’s behavior, enabling analysis, prediction, and optimization. In industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and urban planning, digital twins improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making. 

By providing insights into performance and potential issues, this technology has helped to revolutionize the way we interact with and manage physical assets. According to Choi Seung-yup, CEO of Techtree Innovation, spatial digital twins are “a core infrastructure technology used in the public policy sector, such as [for] solving urban problems.”

What does Techtree Innovation do?

Techtree Innovation develops and operates its own high-precision, high-resolution spatial digital platform ‘AROUND.’ The AROUND platform allows for various services or solutions to be added to a single digital twin. The company stated that it is expanding its offering not only to domestic defense, government agencies, and real estate-related companies, but also overseas.

Techtree Innovation’s digital twins (right) compared to sattelite imagery and other digital twin solutions.

A demonstration period will see Techtree Innovation and Seoul City construct a hyper-realistic digital twin of a total of 4km2 in the Yeouido area, which will include the implementation of roads, traffic simulations, disaster safety and prevention, and national services. The work will be revealed at the Seoul Smart Life Week event held at COEX in Seoul in October.

“Through this collaboration, Seoul’s digital twin technology has been able to develop one step further,” said Park Jin-young, Seoul City’s Digital Policy Officer. “We will continue to expand the area where hyper-realistic digital services can be applied and strive to provide a safer and more pleasant urban environment.”

For more information on Techtree Innovation and its spatial digital twin solutions, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Techtree Innovation

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