ActiveLook unveils its ‘NexT’ technology platform for Augmented Reality sports eyewear

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November 9, 2021 – ActiveLook, the augmented reality (AR) division of French company MICROOLED and a provider of AR smart glasses technology, has today announced its new ‘NexT’ technology platform. With NexT, the company is aiming to reinvent sports eyewear by using its miniaturized and invisible AR technology to display essential sports performance data with zero obstruction to the wearer’s field of vision.

According to the company, ActiveLook NexT offers a comprehensive package of hardware and an open API that will enable companies to produce lightweight connected eyewear (30-34g) that will provide head-up display of critical data. Designed to improve the practice and performance of sports competitors, ActiveLook’s technology enables real-time display of useful and essential data, such as speed, heart rate, and direction. The company stated that in combination with specialized software, its miniaturized invisible microdisplay technology can be integrated into eyewear without affecting the design or ergonomics and therefore without obstructing the wearer’s view.

The heart of the ActiveLook module is based on a monochrome AMOLED display with 304 x 256 pixel resolution consuming less than 1 milliwatt. With a battery life of more than 12 hours, and weighing just 6g, ActiveLook provides a readable display regardless of ambient light conditions, according to the company. The ActiveLook device connects via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to a smartphone, smartwatch and to some more specific sensors (heart rate sensor, power sensor, etc).

ActiveLook Founder, Eric Marcellin-Dibon, commented: “Mass adoption of AR relies on discrete integration. Consumers aren’t prepared to put on superhero helmets, but they definitely do want eyewear that helps them to see and do their activity better. We believe that ActiveLook is the inevitable technological evolution of the eyewear that has been making our lives easier for centuries”.

Marc Vernet, ActiveLook OEM Business Line Manager, added: “NexT is the new generation of eyewear platform, it fully embodies the vision we have with ActiveLook: a solution to deliver information in action through extra light and stylish eyewear. Our highly customizable platform, combined with a rich and growing ecosystem of ActiveLook compatible applications offers our partners an unprecedented short-curt to creating cutting edge experiences, on the move!” 

With its smartphone-connected eyewear, ActiveLook is specifically aiming to target the sports market, where augmented reality can deliver significant benefits as a navigational aid and physical performance reporting technology for athletes such as cyclists, runners, skiers and triathletes.

ActiveLook will be showcasing its NexT technology platform at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, CA this week from booth 178. The NexT platform will be available from Q1 2022. For more information on ActiveLook and its AR solutions for sports eyewear, click here.

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