Arvizio brings new digital twin features to its AR Instructor immersive training solution

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August 14, 2023 – Arvizio, a provider of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) visualization and instructional technology for the enterprise, has recently launched an upgraded iteration of its AR Instructor solution, which aims to transform and accelerate training activities. The platform’s latest interactive digital twin actions are designed to bring workers up to speed quickly through streamlined knowledge capture and transfer, and enhanced training, according to the company. 

The use of digital twins, in stand-alone training scenarios or overlayed on physical equipment, provides AR Instructor users with precise attributes to further guide their instruction. In stand-alone training sessions, digital twins remove the need to take equipment offline and travel to equipment sites and offer organizations the ability to improve skill retention and reduce, or eliminate, repetitive training sessions.

As a result of the upgrade, AR Instructor now includes responsive and interactive digital twin and AI features including: 

  • 3D Model Hotspots – Digital twins can be augmented with hotspot areas or feature buttons which direct users to take action, move to a new step, or validate positive identification.
  • 3D Model Responsive Placement – The ability to accurately position parts and components is vital to many training scenarios. AR Instructor responds to the movement of components to validate accuracy of placement and provide guiding responses to the user.
  • 3D Model Animation – 3D digital twins can be animated to demonstrate object placement or emphasize a workflow activity.
  • Generative AI Assist (Beta) – A dialog-based AI tool to help create and organize workflow instructions. Users can copy and paste content from existing manuals and documents, and AR Instructor will automatically create step-by-step instructions, according to Arvizio.

In addition, AR Instructor’s remote connectivity capabilities enable interaction between in-house experts and employees, empowering subject matter experts to teach new skills, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate on a shared view of a work environment. 

“Incorporating interactive digital twin and AI-generated content into employee training programs is an easy and effective method to improve employee performance and safety, as well as ensure equipment uptime and reliability,” said Alex Berlin, President and CEO at Arvizio. “With AR Instructor, the training workflows can also be used to support employees in the field or transformed into customer-facing material for use in interactive product demonstrations or service and repair instructions.” 

Arvizio stated that its AR Instructor platform accommodates various AR headsets and devices, including Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 2, alongside iPads, iPhones, and Android mobile devices. The company also has a demo package that is accessible for Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces. 

For more information on Arvizio and its AR Instructor solution, please visit the company’s website

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