Beem brings its hologram telepresence solution to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform

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August 2, 2023 – Beem, an augmented reality (AR) communications platform for live and pre-recorded hologram content, has recently announced a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and T-Mobile US, to bring telepresence calling to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform.

According to Beem, its hologram communication software will utilize the Snapdragon Spaces platform to make its hologram solution more accessible, supported by compatible devices running on T-Mobile’s 5G network.

Beem stated that it is working to improve digital communication by making holograms more accessible, in part through its collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and T-Mobile. Beem’s software is geared towards providing the next best solution to in-person communication, offering a more intimate form of digital communication when compared with video conferencing, according to the company.

The integration will be added as a Snapdragon Spaces solution, which the company anticipates will “add significant value to wearable devices.” Beem will be available on all Snapdragon Spaces-ready devices, with a premium option available for business use. The integration will also allow for Snapdragon Spaces users and T-Mobile customers to communicate with each other as holograms.

“Qualcomm Technologies is excited to work with Beem on their journey of providing key infrastructure for the future of spatial telepresence and communication,” said Hugo Swart, VP & GM of XR, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “By leveraging Snapdragon Spaces technology, Beem can offer a new medium for interactive communication, offering a way to build trust with their audiences and improve business outcomes.”

“Since participating in our 5G Accelerator program last year, Beem has continued to amaze us with how its communication platform is changing the way people interact in the digital world. T-Mobile will be right alongside Beem as it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital communication over 5G,” stated T-Mobile EVP and Chief Technology Officer, John Saw.

Commenting on the collaboration with Qualcomm and T-Mobile, Beem founder and CEO, Janosch Amstutz said: “Snapdragon Spaces is the platform of the future for spatial computing, and we’re thrilled to add Beem’s telepresence capabilities, enabling the communications medium of the future, now. T-Mobile is the largest provider of 5G in the United States; to join forces with them to introduce hologram communication to the world is a game changer.”

Beem’s telepresence integration is available now on Snapdragon Spaces. The company added that new features and updates are set for release in the coming months. For more information on Beem and its augmented reality communication solutions, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Beem

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