partners with Stability AI to launch AI-powered 3D avatar generation & animation tool

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February 8, 2023 –, a provider of developer tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has announced an AI animation partnership with Stability AI, a provider of open source AI tools, to launch an AI animation tool that enables users to generate interactive 3D characters and animated avatars. 

Krikey’s AI-powered ‘Text to Animation’ tool enables users to enter a text phrase as a prompt to generate avatar animations in just a few minutes. Users can then export a video file or fbx file to their 3D game engine, film editing software or social media platform of choice. Krikey’s tool also allows users to customize their 3D Avatar and generate an AI animation for that avatar. Krikey launched the AI Animation tool on its website this week, and stated that more avatar customization features will be launching this quarter.

According to the company, usually these sorts of animations can take more than five business days to create, but with Krikey’s AI tool it takes just minutes to generate an avatar animation. Animations are mobile optimized and also immediately usable in augmented reality (AR) experiences. Krikey believes that its AI to AR pipeline will help to empower creators and developers by democratizing the content creation process. The AI platform is not able to imbue characters with emotions though, so the role of artists and animators remains the same in the production pipeline, according to the company. Rather than replacing these roles, Krikey’s solution helps to streamline their workflows.

“Stability is always seeking out AI innovators and the Krikey team has put together one of the best tools to democratize creative expression. Now anyone can animate a 3D character with a few words in a text box,” said Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI. “We are excited to support the Krikey AI team and work together to empower the next generation of AI creators and developers.”

Krikey’s AI tools allow users to explore and try out a set of basic motion prompts, including variations on “walk,” “run,” “jump,” “wave,” “climb” and more. However, more complex prompts like “moonwalk,” “zombie march” and “tai chi” can also lead to engaging results. The company has also created a prompt guide to help instruct users on how best to enter and experiment in the world of AI Animation.

Once an animation has been generated based on a prompt, the platform’s animation tool allows users to change the camera angle, add or remove shadows, backgrounds, change the animation speed and customize their Avatar before exporting to share with friends. Generated animations can be seen in the dashboard within a user’s account.

“This is the beginning of a revolution in how 3D content will be created,” said Ketaki Shriram, Co-founder and CTO at “Generative AI Animations have applications in numerous industries including film, gaming, metaverse avatars, social media and cloud computing. AI Animation could be the foundation of the next creator economy.”

Krikey’s AI Animation tool is available today online at

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