Taqtile updates its Manifest Maker platform to enhance the AR work instruction process

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November 15, 2023 – Taqtile, Inc., a company specializing in spatial computing technologies and augmented reality (AR) work-instruction solutions, has recently announced updates to its Manifest Maker app for the iPad.

According to the company, the improvements to Manifest Maker are designed to streamline the process for companies to integrate existing assets into digital work instructions. The Manifest Maker platform from Taqtile allows for the creation of digital, step-by-step work procedures using an iPad.

This latest update introduces a feature that allows users to build and access a centralized library of assets. This includes corporate or operational documents like photos, videos, PDF manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – all of which will be accessible to companies from within the app. Additionally, users can integrate media and files from OneDrive accounts directly into their guides.

Taqtile noted that its Manifest Maker solution assists organizations and businesses in capturing and sharing undocumented expertise from expert staff, and allows them to subsequently share that knowledge with deskless colleagues. By providing direct access to asset libraries, users can then leverage those materials to more quickly and efficiently build robust, step-by-step work instructions, according to the company.

The Manifest Maker app also offers a method to capture video footage on an iPad, which can then be transformed into instructional guides. The app’s tools allow for the creation of custom work instructions that can include video, annotated photos, auto-transcribed text, and scans of existing manuals. The result, according to the company, is the creation of digitized, step-by-step guides that are more natural, more understandable, and more usable for deskless workers.

“Incorporation of media library access within Maker is something many users have requested in order to manage the increasing number of videos they are using to document procedures,” said John Tomizuka, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Taqtile. “We will continue to evolve Manifest Maker into a tool that more easily and elegantly helps organizations share critical knowledge with their deskless workforces.”

Taqtile added that completed work instructions created with Manifest Maker are fully compatible with the AR-enabled Manifest platform, where they can be enhanced with augmented reality and spatially anchored content, and made available to deskless workers anywhere, anytime. With the Manifest platform, deskless workers can access Manifest Maker step-by-step procedures, digital manuals and guidance, animated 3D models and digital twins, detailed holograms, and other organization-centric knowledge aimed at increasing maintenance and operational efficiencies, and improving safety.

To learn more about Taqtile and its Manifest augmented reality platform for deskless workers, please visit the company’s website.

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