FLAIM Systems launches FLAIM Trainer T3 VR firefighter training

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November 15, 2023 – FLAIM Systems, a provider of immersive learning solutions, has today announced the launch of its latest innovation – the FLAIM Trainer T3, which the company states is tailored for the demanding needs of defense force firefighting training.

FLAIM stated that the T3 draws on user insights from multiple firefighting domains, and as a result aims to transform firefighter training methods for air, land, and sea defense environments. New enhanced features, including Team Training and Capture, FLAIM’s proprietary Learning Performance Analytics System, will help to set a new standard in training realism, data capture, recording, and reporting, according to the company.

Leveraging a combination of industry standard fire safety equipment and virtual reality (VR) technology, the FLAIM Trainer system delivers a “feels real” learning experience without the hazards, cost, and environmental impact of traditional live fire simulation training. As a result, the platform helps to better prepare defense personnel for firefighting missions by producing a simulated experience that mirrors real-life challenges.

The company’s training solution is not designed to replace traditional firefighting training methods entirely, but instead helps to build muscle memory through kinesthetic learning in order to better equip personnel for when they do have to undertake high-value physical training.

“Multi-sensory kinesthetic learning is a robust solution for building muscle memory, allowing personnel to develop field trained skills that better prepares them for real-life operations,” said Dr. James Mullins, Chief Technology Officer at FLAIM Systems. “FLAIM Trainer T3 offers an unparalleled degree of realism to better prepare those who serve.”

Key enhancements include a high sensitivity heat suit, life-like audio experience, immersive scenarios that incorporate real-life equipment, and realistic object interactions. Additionally, the platform’s Team Training feature allows for simultaneous, coordinated remote training for multiple users, providing a scalable, cloud-based solution that unifies training across teams and departments.

Furthermore, the FLAIM Trainer’s Capture Learning Performance Analytics System helps to deliver in-depth insights on both individual and team performance metrics, offering a blueprint for strategic training enhancements, and enabling defense units to standardize training regimens for cross-department, and role-based training.

“In an era where defense landscapes are ever evolving, there is a growing need for smart, safe and scalable training solutions,” added Simon Miller, CEO at FLAIM Systems. “We’re excited to introduce the latest generation of FLAIM Trainer, offering defense departments the closest experience to a real-life event to improve collaborative training for dangerous operations, and to inform team training strategies.”

In the VR hardware space, FLAIM Systems works closely with its partner HTC VIVE, with which FLAIM has collaborated for many years.

For more information on FLAIM Systems and its virtual reality firefighter training technology, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: FLAIM Systems / AWE / YouTube

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