Archiact partners with China Mobile subsidiary, Migu, to bring VR games to its 5G cloud gaming platform

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May 21, 2020 – Vancouver-based VR games studio, Archiact, has recently announced that thanks to a major partnership with Migu, a subsidiary of telecom provider China Mobile, Archiact’ s games are about to be the first VR titles to be playable via Migu’s 5G cloud gaming platform, called Migu Quick Gaming.

According to Archiact, under previous mobile standards such as 4G (LTE), streaming of VR content remained an impossibility due to issues with latency and bandwidth. However, the company (along with many other industry experts) believes that once the 5G standard hits, it will mean near-instant response time and unprecedented bandwidth increases, thus allowing mobile users to enjoy high quality VR game content with greatly reduced hardware limitations. By partnering with Migu, Archiact states that it is able to work together to “build the future of 5G VR cloud gaming, thus making VR even more accessible.”

The partnership was officially announced at the all-virtual 5th Global Virtual Reality Conference on May 17, 2020. The announcement was made by Archiact’s founder and CEO, Frank Shen, and Xin Liu, CEO of Migu, with the two CEOs using avatars to sign the agreement in VR.

Archiact added that the new relationship with Migu has two angles that the company is excited about. Firstly, it will bring existing Archiact games to Migu Quick Gaming, and secondly, it will help to empower the Archiact team to publish the original content of other developers to the growing Migu Quick Gaming platform. The company wants to do the latter, so as to help VR/AR developers in North America and Europe to bring their best gaming content to the market that Migu, and ultimately China Mobile can offer.

The market size that China Mobile serves is in fact over 946 million customers in China, according to Archiact. This is something that Archiact anticipates will mean it is well positioned, with the help of its partnership with Migu, to bring VR cloud gaming to one of the largest markets in the world.

“Widespread distribution of 5G networks and cloud gaming will usher in a new era of unparalleled access to virtual reality,” said Archiact founder and CEO, Frank Shen. “Archiact is proud to join Migu and China Mobile at the forefront of this era, and take the first exciting steps into VR streaming with our titles FREEDIVER: Triton Down and Evasion.”

Image credit: Archiact / Global Virtual Reality Conference

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