Augmented Reality darts company 501 Entertainment signs worldwide distribution deal with SEGA Amusements International

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June 29, 2022 – 501 Entertainment, a provider of social entertainment technology, has announced that it has signed a worldwide distribution deal with SEGA Amusements International, a provider of innovative and immersive amusements, to introduce 501’s social entertainment products to the US and beyond.

Under the terms of the agreement, 501 Entertainment’s SMARTS Interactive and AR Darts products, both of which are making their US debut at the International Bowl Expo, will be distributed globally by SEGA Amusements, leveraging the company’s 60+ years of experience and expertise to bring 501 innovations to a wider base of operators and locations. 

“SEGA Amusements has been following the rise of social entertainment, and 501 Entertainment’s SMARTS Interactive and AR darts are exactly the kinds of familiar yet innovative products we’ve been looking for,” said Paul Williams, CEO of SEGA Amusements International. “We look forward to bringing this line to some of the best entertainment locations in the world.”

“The 501 Entertainment deal with SEGA Amusements International is a great fit because of their incredible reach, proven track record, and history with top quality products,” said Jonny Powell, CEO of 501 Entertainment. “We are honored to be partnering with a powerhouse – together the possibilities are endless.”

501’s SMARTS Darts Interactive delivers a classic pub darts experience enhanced with video game components for the modern era. With steel-tipped darts and a commercial-grade physical dartboard, SMARTS Darts Interactive delivers instant automated scoring and graphics presented on a big screen TV.

Furthermore, the company’s SMARTS Darts AR utilizes augmented reality (AR) to overlay graphics directly onto a dartboard through projection mapping. Graphics can include targets, animations and even advertisements for menu items in real-time. SMARTS Darts AR also projects scores directly onto the dartboard itsself, transforming it into a screen that reacts to darts thrown in real time.

Both SMARTS Darts Systems also offer a catalog of innovative game modes to keep play experiences unique, memorable, and shareable with friends.

The distribution announcement comes off the back of recent product launches from 501 and are part of the UK-based company’s official entry into the US market following an increasing global installation base and partnerships with high-profile venue UK partners, including Gravity Active Entertainment, Lane 7, and Boom Battle Bar in the UK, and Funlab in Australia.

“501’s SMARTS Augmented Reality Darts perfectly complement bowling and the other activities we operate in our Wandsworth venue”, explained Michael Harrison COO of Gravity Active Entertainment, a UK-based leisure company. “Given its small footprint, it really packs a punch in terms of utilization revenue and food and beverage sales. Gravity has 6 lanes of 501’s SMARTS Darts AR.”

For more information on 501 Entertainment and its immersive amusement offerings, please visit the company’s website.

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