Avataar launches Augmented Reality e-commerce integration for online retailers

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June 1, 2022 – Avataar, a provider of an artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision platform focused on spatial visual discovery, has today announced at AWE USA 2022 the launch of its single-click integration solution for online retailers. The company’s out-of-the-box product will integrate with e-commerce platforms including Shopify and BigCommerce to offer consumers an interactive 3D augmented reality (AR) shopping experience.

The turnkey solution is driven by Avataar’s computer vision and AI-powered 3D content creation platform, Supernova, which allows merchants to quickly create 3D product catalogs at scale. The patented technology scans a merchant’s existing product catalog and provides a photorealistic, life-size 3D upgrade within hours. Avataar’s platform also offers end-to-end workflow management to oversee the creation process including quality checks and live hosting. 

Avataar’s states that its integration is currently the only interactive 3D AR solution available globally on headless e-commerce platforms. Headless commerce architecture is where a website’s frontend presentation layer (which includes items such as text colors and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, etc.) is decoupled from the backend ecommerce functionality (e.g. pricing, infrastructure, security, checkout, etc.), which ultimately allows developers to update or edit the frontend without interfering with the back-end.

With Avataar’s platform, while interacting with a 3D product in their environment, shoppers can complete a purchase by directly adding it to their cart, without having to backtrack to a listing page to manually add the specific items. The integration also allows Avataar to monitor how customers interact with 3D products and the company is able to provide merchants with insights on consumer behavioral decisions to better understand consumer preferences.

“Avataar’s out-of-the-box AR solution signifies the continuous growth of AR innovation in the e-commerce industry,” said Sravanth Aluru, Chief Executive Officer at Avataar. “First of its kind, the self-serve 3D AR solution will help create an impactful consumer shopping journey for merchants, resulting in increased sales and brand awareness.”

Avataar is offering its self-serve solution using a freemium pricing model to ensure customers are satisfied before they hit the paywall. Merchants will be charged a percentage of their sales and will only see a bill after they have seen proven traction and sales uplift from using Avataar’s solution. Avataar added that some retailers that have leveraged its technology have seen a 3.5x increase in sales conversions, a 60% increase in product-to-cart visits, and an average engagement time of four minutes.

“We are digitizing the future of e-commerce with the self-serve integration product to help drive behavioral insights on purchasing decisions,” said Gaurav Baid, Chief Product Officer at Avataar. “E-commerce brands and retailers benefit from AR by using the technology to support the consumers’ purchase decision, which results in an increase in conversions.”

This year, Avataar closed a USD $45 million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global. The company states that it is also currently working with some of the world’s largest retail, and e-commerce brands across US, Europe and Asia.

For more information on Avataar and its augmented reality platform for e-commerce, please visit the company’s website.

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